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How to Thread Your Sideburns: An Easy Guide

How To Thread Sideburns

Hey there, lovely! Have you ever wondered how to give your sideburns that sharp, clean look? In this step-by-step article, we’ve got the lowdown on threading – a quick and precise method that’ll have your sideburns looking on point in no time. What You’ll Need Before you dive into the threading adventure, gather your tools. […]

Why Self-Care is Essential During Tough Times

beautiful black woman wearing a flower crown

The Importance of Self-Care During a crisis, ( this year has been loaded with them). It may seem counterintuitive and almost selfish to practice self-care. It can feel like you are choosing yourself over others. This is so far from the truth. Self-care allows you to show yourself compassion. That compassion allows you to take […]

Important Information On New Appointment Policies

Important Information On New Appointment Policies 1

We are opening on May 19th with all COVID-19 policy precautions in place. The safety of every client, your families, and ourselves is our number one priority and these New Guidelines must be followed until further notice. Following the State of Colorado Health and Public Safety guidelines concerning COVID-19 for Salons: New Guidelines * The […]

An Unexpected Detour – Damn Thing Breaks Off….Again

Unexpected Detour

It seems just I when thought I had a good handle on life. The damn thing breaks off….again.   Like you, I had high hopes for 2020 That lasted about 25 days into the New Year. Then came the heart-wrenching tragic loss of retired NBA idol, Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, members of the Altobelli, […]

How To Prepare For Your First Brow Appointment


Brows are the frames of your face, and having well-groomed and defined brows can make a huge difference in your appearance. Whether you want to shape, tint, wax, thread, or laminate your brows, you need to prepare properly for your first brow appointment to ensure the best results and avoid any complications. In this short […]

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