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Founder & She-E.O

Meet Tonie,

The visionary Owner and Founder of The Brow Snob, a premier destination for the ultimate in brow and lash transformation. With an unrivaled eye for beauty and a deep-rooted passion for all things brows, Tonie has established herself as a Master Brow Artist.

Tonie’s love for aesthetics and beauty began earlier in her career as a makeup-artist.. Fascinated by the transformative power of eyebrows, she embarked on a journey to master the art of brow shaping, sculpting, and enhancement. Tonie’s unwavering dedication and innate talent quickly lead to the creation of The Brow Snob.

With a natural flair for personal connections, Tonie’s warm and inviting personality puts clients at ease from the moment they step into The Brow Snob. Her genuine passion for helping others feel confident and empowered is evident with every client visit.  Tonie takes the time to understand each individual’s unique desires and aspirations.

Tonie’s expertise extends far beyond conventional techniques, as she continuously seeks out innovative approaches and stays ahead of industry trends. She remains committed to expanding her knowledge through ongoing education and training, ensuring her clients receive the most cutting-edge treatments and services available.

Known for her meticulous attention to detail, Tonie’s precision and artistry result in brows that are nothing short of perfection. Whether she’s reshaping unruly brows, enhancing thinning arches, or creating a signature look that complements facial features flawlessly, Tonie’s masterful touch consistently exceeds expectations.

Beyond her remarkable talent, Tonie is also deeply committed to maintaining a welcoming and inclusive environment at Brow Snob. She takes pride in fostering a space where clients from all walks of life feel embraced, valued, and celebrated for their unique beauty.

Tonie Jones, the dedicated owner of Brow Snob, has turned her passion for brows into an art form. Her exceptional talent, personalized approach, and unwavering commitment to her clients’ satisfaction make her a true authority in the industry. Step into Brow Snob and let Tonie elevate your brows to new heights, one meticulous stroke at a time.




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About Kaitlin

Kaitlin is a licensed esthetician certified in classic, volume and hybrid lashes. Kaitlin began her career in the medical field and transitioned her love of taking care of others to her journey in esthetics. She has fallen in love with lashes and how they empower and showcase the beauty of her clients. Her desire is to always uplift her clients and make them feel confident.
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