How To Prepare For Your First Brow Appointment


Whether it’s your first time with a professional or it’s been a long time since your last appointment having your eyebrows professionally groomed is a big deal. It’s a sign of growth in your beauty journey to accept the responsibility that tweezing your eyebrows has reached far beyond your expertise.  It’s time to call an expert.

Here are 8 ways to prepare for your Brow Day. 

  1. Be prepared to talk about your brows. 

If there are areas, you are trying to grow out; take the time to discuss that and the reasons why. It’s always great to share if you have had a bad brow experience or mention if you are changing brow artists for the first time. As an artist it is instinct to just get in there and do our thing. But, we want you to leave happy with the outcome. That can only be achieved if you and your artist are on the same page. 

  1. Decide if you are waxing or threading?

Both have benefits and cons but, with slightly different results. Threading does require a higher pain tolerance, also, if you are on a retinol, Accutane or prescription medicine from your dermatologist waxing may not be an option. 

  1. If possible, come make up free

During threading you are asked to pull on your eyelids so the skin is tight. It allows an easier surface for your artist to work with. This tends to lead to lots of watery eyes and a runny nose. Don’t worry your brow artist will have plenty of tissue handy. 

4. Redness

Due to the sensitivity of the skin around the eye redness is a sure side effect. Of course, some experience this worse than others. Redness lasts about 15-30 minutes. In extreme cases slightly longer. Your Brow Artist would be happy to apply a mild calming gel and a concealer or coverup to reduce the appearance of the redness.  Just in case you have major date night plans after your appointment. 

5. Enjoy your great new brows

Try to stick by the “please don’t tweeze” rule in between appointments. Rebooking within 4-5 weeks should help fight the urge to pluck those strays. 

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