An Unexpected Detour


It seems just I when thought I had a good handle on life. The damn thing breaks off….again.   Like you, I had high hopes for 2020 That lasted about 25 days into the New Year. Then came the heart wrenching tragic loss of retired NBA idol, Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, members of the Altobelli, Chester, Mauser family along with the Pilot Ara Zoyoban.  This loss hit home for all of us on so many levels. Every angle was as heartbreaking and difficult to process as the other. But, as we try to do through unforeseen loss; we pressed on. Sadder, but still hopeful 2020 had better things to come.

February 2, 2020, the first person in the United States to have COVID-19 has been identified. Within 6 weeks the entire world is on quarantine and we once again find ourselves lost. This time inside of own homes.  Then there is grief. Good old grief shows up once again. We as a world rejoin each other in our collective mourning. This time it’s a loss of plans, vacations, graduations, weddings, school and birthdays. The list can go on. It seems that all the things that carried hope for us; for what lies ahead in 2020 has been taken, if only for the next 30-60 days by COVID-19.

At first, I thought I was doing what was smart and safe for my clients, my family and my business by choosing to close the doors of The Brow Snob. I only beat the state order by days. I have to say being ordered to close feels completely different from choosing to close. It was just three weeks prior, on February 22, that we had a packed house at  The Hair & Image Studio celebrating our Grand Opening. How could it be less than a month we were shutting down and locking the doors?

As of today, it’s been three weeks since closing with a possible three or more to go. I am just as busy as ever between homeschooling my little 9-year-old, caring for my family and learning to sit still. I think often of you, my clients, the very life of The Brow Snob. I’m praying for all my Doctors and Nurses on the front lines.  My mothers adding one more task to all that they juggle, my entrepreneurs who like me are fighting to keep their business alive. I cannot leave out my teachers all I can say there is; how do you do it?  Every one of you, my missed clients/family I applaud you all and pray you are all well and safe.

In the meantime. During this unexpected detour. I am revisiting systems, processes and services so that The Brow Snob will come back better than before. Ready to be your listening ear, your safe place and your pampering haven. I have a little extra love to shower on each of you.

I know you are ready for some brow tips and encouragement to get you through until we meet again. I got you. But first I wanted to have this moment of transparency with you all. Thank you for allowing me that.

With So Much Love,


17 Responses

  1. I am sorry in advance for the brows I’m about to bring you when all this is over! Hope to see you sooner rather than later!

  2. Prayers for everyone’s safety. You are a wonderful lady and I am hoping the best for you and your family. Can’t wait for better things to come

  3. I wanted to feel closer to you, and this “read” delivered just that for me. AND, it appears I get to be the first to comment……YAY me

    My dearest friend – I felt everything you said in this blog, and share your sentiments and feelings in many ways. Although 2020 has not been kind to us, I hope we can all find some comfort in knowing that “this too shall pass”. We may suffer for a season, but JOY will come, one morning. GOD has not forsaken us. We will get to make some of the memories we’ve looked forward to…. we may be Delayed, but not denied”

    I am immensely proud of the incredible business woman you have become….you are the consummate professional. Your clients in Denver are lucky to have you. And I’m lucky to call you my Bestest Best Friend. Sending you lots of LoVe from the ATL to Denva!!!

    Love you Lots ~ Aimee

    1. Thank you so much. I love that if you feel encouraged and supported by you with all these miles between us.
      You know I am better with the written word than I am with the spoken word. But, you are always close to me.

      Love you bunches XOXO

  4. Wow. This was an amazing read. Such enlightenment on how we are all feeling during this time of “stay in place”. As always you are an inspiration to me and many across the world. Be Blessed!

    1. Thanks! I am happy I can share. Please know you and your family are so precious to us and, in our continue prayers.
      Love to your Mom from us. I pray she is recovering.

  5. I can’t wait to come in. I don’t even know what service I will get! As an introvert I thought this would be really easy for me, boy was I mistaken! I actually miss people.

  6. Thanks Tonie and we look forward to seeing you soon. Stock up on some industrial strength thread….. there are some serious brows happening here .

  7. Sitting still….whew you hit it on the head with this. Thank you for the transparency, Tonie. It is much appreciated during this time riddled with anxieties and the unknown.. Stay safe and healthy ~ Be well xo

    1. Hi Amani, You are welcome. I miss your face and your energy. I hope they aren’t working you to pieces.
      Thank you for the reading list. I am working on it. Maybe we can talk about them when this all blows over.
      Stay safe and Be Well

  8. Thinking of you Toni – your blog is beautifully written! Must be so tough to had just opened your new location and then had to shut down. I will definitely be back as soon as you reopen! Until then sending love and hugs tour way.

  9. Thanks Tonie for your message. Miss you and praying this will pass by soon! I agree I will be much better and more thankful from this crazy uncertain time.

    I pray that you, your family, friends and coworkers and clients remain safe and healthy!

  10. Toni, what an eloquent blog..thank you for sharing your thoughts. we all evoke the same sentiment. glad to hear you are safe and healthy. May my eyebrows furry path cross your beautiful face again. lol.. looking forward to the day you bless me with good shape again.

  11. Tonie!!!!! So nice to hear from you. Wow!!! That was very inspiring and well written and very needed. Thank you!!!!!! Nice to know we are all in this together and feeling it. The funny thing is, about a week or so before all the closing happened, I was meaning to set up an appointment and then got side tracked and then the next week was going too and then everything closes. Boy, listen to those instincts. I Should have acted when I thought about it and at least I could have went through this with nice and styling brows by Tonie and no fuss on my upper lip and chin! Missing you and look forward to when you reopen. Glad you are well and thanks for thinking of all of us and writing. We miss you too, and by the way, you are an amazing writer!!!! I really enjoyed reading your blog. Best to you and your family and I feel the most we can do right now, is pray and try to enjoy each day, during this unique mandated time home, knowing this to shall pass. Much love and thoughts, Maria

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