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Will Poulter’s Eyebrows: The Story Behind The Internet’s Favorite Meme

Will Poulter is a talented and versatile actor who has starred in films such as The Chronicles of Narnia, We’re the Millers, The Revenant, Detroit, and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. He is also known for his distinctive eyebrows, which have become a source of fascination, admiration, and amusement for many internet users. In this blog post, we will explore the history and meaning of Will Poulter’s eyebrows, and how they have influenced his career and personal life.

How did Will Poulter’s eyebrows become famous?

Will Poulter’s eyebrows first gained attention in 2013, when he played Kenny Rossmore, a nerdy teenager with a unibrow, in the comedy film We’re the Millers. His eyebrows were exaggerated with makeup to create a contrast with his co-stars Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, and Emma Roberts, who played a fake family of drug smugglers. Poulter’s eyebrows were used as a source of humor and sympathy in the film, as his character faced various misadventures and awkward situations.

The film was a box office hit, and Poulter’s eyebrows became a viral sensation. Many people created memes, jokes, and fan art based on his eyebrows, comparing them to caterpillars, boomerangs, or other objects. Some people also praised his eyebrows for being unique and expressive, and admired his ability to use them in his facial expressions. Poulter himself joined in the fun, posting a picture of himself with fake eyebrows on Twitter, and joking that he was “the guy with the eyebrows” in interviews.

How do Will Poulter’s eyebrows affect his acting roles?

Will Poulter’s eyebrows have become a trademark feature of his appearance, and have influenced his casting and performance in various roles. For example, in 2015, he played Jim Bridger, a young fur trapper, in the Oscar-winning film The Revenant, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Poulter’s eyebrows helped him portray a naive and innocent character, who was conflicted between loyalty and survival in the harsh wilderness.

In 2017, he played Krauss, a racist and violent police officer, in the historical drama Detroit, directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Poulter’s eyebrows helped him convey a menacing and sinister character, who was responsible for torturing and killing innocent black civilians during the 1967 Detroit riots. Poulter received critical acclaim for his performance, and was nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actor.

In 2018, he played Colin Ritman, a genius and eccentric video game developer, in the interactive film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, created by Charlie Brooker. Poulter’s eyebrows helped him depict a quirky and charismatic character, who broke the fourth wall and challenged the viewer’s choices and reality. Poulter also dyed his eyebrows blond for the role, to match his hair color and create a striking look.

How do Will Poulter’s eyebrows affect his personal life?

Will Poulter’s eyebrows have also had an impact on his personal life, both positively and negatively. On the positive side, Poulter’s eyebrows have helped him gain recognition and popularity among fans and peers, and have become a part of his identity and style. Poulter has embraced his eyebrows, and has used them to express his personality and emotions. He has also used his eyebrows to raise awareness and funds for various causes, such as anti-bullying, mental health, and environmental issues.

On the negative side, Poulter’s eyebrows have also exposed him to online scrutiny and criticism, and have sometimes overshadowed his acting skills and achievements. Poulter has faced cyberbullying and trolling from some people who have made fun of his eyebrows, or have judged his appearance and attractiveness based on his eyebrows. Poulter has spoken out about the harmful effects of online abuse, and has decided to leave Twitter in 2019 to protect his mental health.


  • Q: Are Will Poulter’s eyebrows natural or fake?
  • A: Will Poulter’s eyebrows are natural, and he has not had any cosmetic procedures or treatments to alter them. He has occasionally trimmed or plucked them for certain roles, but he has not changed their shape or size significantly.
  • Q: What is Will Poulter’s ethnicity and nationality?
  • A: Will Poulter is of mixed ethnicity, and has English, Irish, Greek, and Norwegian ancestry. He was born and raised in London, England, and holds British nationality.
  • Q: What is Will Poulter’s net worth and salary?
  • A: According to various sources, Will Poulter’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, and his salary is around $500,000 per film. However, these figures are not confirmed by Poulter himself, and may vary depending on his projects and contracts.
  • Q: What is Will Poulter’s relationship status and sexual orientation?
  • A: Will Poulter is very private about his personal life, and has not revealed his current relationship status or sexual orientation publicly. He has been linked to several co-stars and celebrities in the past, such as Zoe Kravitz, Cara Delevingne, and Ellie Bamber, but none of these rumors have been confirmed by Poulter or his representatives.
  • Q: What are some of Will Poulter’s upcoming projects and plans?
  • A: Will Poulter has several exciting projects and plans in the works, such as:
    • Playing Adam Warlock, a powerful and perfect being, in the Marvel superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, directed by James Gunn and scheduled for release in 2023.
    • Starring in The Lord of the Rings, a television series based on the fantasy novels by J.R.R. Tolkien, produced by Amazon Studios and set to premiere in 2022.
    • Appearing in Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?, a television adaptation of the mystery novel by Agatha Christie, co-starring Lucy Boynton and Maeve Dermody, and airing on ITVX in 2023.
    • Producing and acting in The Undeclared War, a cyber thriller series created by Peter Kosminsky, and streaming on Peacock in 2022.
    • Supporting various charitable and social causes, such as Anti-Bullying Pro, YoungMinds, WWF, and Extinction Rebellion.
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