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Short Magnetic Lashes – Effortlessly Enhance Your Eye Makeup with Glamnetic

Short Magnetic Lashes – The Glamnetic Magnetic Eyelashes – Lucky are a popular choice for those looking to enhance their eye makeup effortlessly. With their high rating and numerous positive reviews, these lashes have caught the attention of many beauty enthusiasts. In this review, I will share my personal experience with these lashes and provide an overall conclusion based on their performance.

Having struggled with applying traditional false lashes in the past, I was intrigued by the idea of magnetic lashes. I decided to give the Glamnetic Magnetic Eyelashes – Lucky a try, and I must say, I was impressed. The application process was fast and hassle-free, thanks to the magnetic eyeliner. No more dealing with messy glue! The lashes themselves were lightweight and comfortable to wear throughout the day. I appreciated the fact that minimal trimming was required, as the lash band was pre-cut to a universal eye width.

The hold of these lashes was outstanding. Even in windy conditions or during physical activities, they stayed in place without any issues. I found the six magnets on the lash band to be strong and reliable. However, one thing to note is that the liner can sometimes resemble glue, leading to accidental removal of the lash band.

The longevity of these lashes was impressive as well. With proper care, they lasted me up to 60 wears, which is a great value for the price. However, it’s important to mention that the magnetic eyeliner is sold separately, so be sure to purchase it along with the lashes for a complete set.

An Intro to Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes

Short Magnetic Lashes

Introducing myself as the founder and CEO of Glamnetic, I’m here to demonstrate the application of our magnetic lashes and liner. With Glamnetic, you won’t have to worry about messy or toxic lash glue anymore. We promise that you’ll be able to apply lashes successfully for the first time. We have the highest quality of magnetic liner and lashes on the market. If you follow these instructions, your lashes should last up to 60 wears. Remember, our lashes and liner are sold separately. We have two styles of liner application – a felt tip or a liquid. Both liners are ultra black and provide all-day hold.

Fast, Fun & Effortless Application

Short Magnetic Lashes

Emphasizing the absence of glue, our PowerGrip magnet lash band securely attaches to the magnetic eyeliner. Easy to adjust and remove. Great for all ages! Simply apply the liner like you would any normal liner. The liner should glide on smoothly and effortlessly. If it doesn’t, please contact us for a replacement. Make sure to seal the cap to ensure it doesn’t dry out. Now let it dry for 30 seconds. Next, apply your lashes. Take your lashes from its magnetic tray, then magnetize the magnetic lashes to your magnetic eyeliner. Your lashes are on, and they won’t be going anywhere all day long. These lashes will last through tough conditions like wind, water, and heat. To remove, gently peel off the lash and remove your liner with micellar water. If your lashes have liner stuck on the magnet, gently scratch off any excess with your fingers and place the eyelashes back in the magnetic glass case. We have a wide selection of lash styles to choose from, ranging from natural to super glam. The band is super flexible and strong, with six magnets for maximum hold. Minimal trimming is required, but you can trim them if you like. Anchors are provided for extra security throughout the day, but they are not necessary to use. Make sure to remove the anchors before applying your lashes.

Short Magnetic Lashes: Product Reviews

Short Magnetic Lashes

Prior to proceeding, there are important details you should be aware of regarding the lashes.” – I’ve been using Glamnetic lashes for almost a year now. I have always struggled with putting on falsies and would give up. I wore cheap magnetic lashes that never stayed on and then decided to splurge on Glamnetic, and these are the ONLY lashes I wear. They are extremely easy to put on, and they STAY on. However, there are some things you need to know before buying. The review goes into detail about the eyeliner, lash care, and removal process.

“Liner doesn’t work, lashes lift off instantly.”

Short Magnetic Lashes

A particular review expresses dissatisfaction due to the liner’s failure to provide a magnetic hold. The customer tried different techniques and methods but was unable to make the lashes stay on. They express frustration and disappointment with the product.

Short Magnetic Lashes: “Loved them!”

Short Magnetic Lashes

Another review shares a positive experience specifically related to the lashes. The customer found them easy to put on, lightweight, and long-lasting. They recommend the lashes, especially for beginners or those who don’t typically wear lashes.

Short Magnetic Lashes: “Not a long-term solution.”

A different review mentions the limited lifespan of the lashes, with them falling out in clumps and the magnets detaching after approximately 15 days of use. The customer expresses disappointment with the longevity of the product.

“Not for me, but exceptional quality!”

Highlighting the exceptional quality of the lashes, a customer found them unsuitable for their hooded eyes due to their length. They mention that the liner is difficult to remove and the anchors increased hold but pinched. Overall, they recommend the lashes for those with wider spaces between their eyes and brows.Please note that these responses are based on the provided text and may not reflect the actual opinions or experiences of customers.


  • Glamnetic Magnetic Eyelashes are extremely easy to put on and they stay on all day long. They are a great option for beginners or those who struggle with applying false lashes.
  • The lashes are made from high-quality synthetic fibers that look and feel like real mink lashes. They provide a lightweight, fluffy feel with a slight curl, enhancing your natural look.
  • The strong-hold magnet band ensures that the lashes stay in place even in tough conditions like wind, water, and heat. They are durable, wind-proof, and water-and-sweat resistant, allowing you to wear them all day and night.


  • The magnetic eyelashes do not come with the magnetic liner unless they are part of a bundle. The liner needs to be purchased separately or in a bundle.
  • The Glamnetic lashes are semi-sensitive and should not be washed. Using makeup remover or water can damage the lashes. It is recommended to gently scratch off excess liner from the magnets with a dry finger or tool to keep them clean.
  • The Glamnetic liner is difficult to remove with regular makeup wipes or face wash. Oil, such as jojoba oil, is needed to effectively remove the liner from the eyes.

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In conclusion, the Glamnetic Magnetic Eyelashes – Lucky are a game-changer for those seeking an easy and efficient way to achieve beautiful lashes. With their vegan and cruelty-free faux mink material, these lashes provide a natural and glamorous look. The strong-hold magnet band ensures that they stay put throughout the day, even in challenging conditions. While there are a few minor drawbacks, such as the need to purchase the magnetic eyeliner separately and the occasional confusion between liner and glue, overall, these lashes offer a fantastic alternative to traditional false lashes. I highly recommend giving them a try, especially if you’re a beginner or have struggled with lash application in the past.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can I wear these lashes if I’m a beginner and struggle with applying false lashes?

Answer: Yes, Glamnetic Magnetic Eyelashes are a great option for beginners. They are easy to put on and stay on all day, providing a hassle-free application experience.

Question: Are these lashes made from real mink?

Answer: No, the lashes are made from high-quality synthetic fibers that mimic the look and feel of real mink lashes. They are vegan and cruelty-free.

Question: How long do these lashes last?

Answer: With proper care, these lashes can last up to 60 wears. They come with a magnetic carrying case to keep them safe when not in use.

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