Roll-on Hair Removal Kit – Achieve Smooth, Hair-Free Skin

The Roll-on Hair Removal Kit from Clean + Easy® Waxing Spa Basic is a top pick for complete face and body hair removal. It offers a range of depilatory tools and products to achieve smooth, flawless, and hair-free skin for weeks. With a high product rating of 4.3 out of 5 and over 900 reviews, it promises to deliver effective results.

As a busy esthetician and owner of a day spa, I have been using the Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit for over 14 years. I initially purchased it for its exclusivity and quality, and it has exceeded my expectations. I used to rely on multiple waxes for different client needs, but the more I worked with this kit, the more I realized I only needed Clean + Easy and another brand for specific purposes. The roll-on system is mess-free, efficient, and less painful than traditional waxing. I have replaced the unit a few times due to frequent use, but it has been a reliable tool in my business.

Complete Waxing Kit for Smooth, Hair-Free Skin

Roll-on Hair Removal Kit

An all-in-one, roll-on hair removal kit that provides everything you need for a smooth, hair-free skin is the Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit (120V). This kit includes a wax warmer, various sizes of original wax, roller heads, epilating cloth strips, remove and restore skin conditioner, and an instruction booklet. With this kit, you can easily remove unwanted hair on the face and body, including back, arms, legs, underarms, and chest. It is suitable for all skin and hair types, making it a versatile option for everyone. Say goodbye to tweezing and clean up, and hello to weeks of hair-free skin with this complete waxing kit.

Roll-on Hair Removal Kit: Effortless and Pain-Free Waxing Experience

Roll-on Hair Removal Kit

A fuss-free and pain-free waxing experience is offered by the Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit. The roll-on system makes waxing effortless and faster than traditional methods. The wax sticks only to the hair, not to the skin, resulting in less pain during waxing. This mess-free system eliminates spills and drips, making it a hassle-free option for hair removal. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this kit provides a seamless waxing experience with minimal discomfort. Experience the joy of smooth, hair-free skin without the pain with the Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit.

Roll-on Hair Removal Kit: Pro-Approved Brand for Hair Removal

Roll-on Hair Removal Kit

Known for its high-quality products, Clean + Easy is a trusted brand in the hair removal industry. Professionals in spas and salons rely on Clean + Easy for their waxing needs. The Waxing Spa Basic Kit is no exception, offering the same professional-grade results in the comfort of your own home. Clean + Easy products are 100% cruelty-free and never tested on animals, making them a responsible choice for conscious consumers. Choose a brand that is trusted by professionals and achieve the smooth, fresh-from-the-spa feel with Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit.

Personal Reviews: Years of Experience and Satisfaction

Roll-on Hair Removal Kit

Roxy, a day spa owner in California, shared her positive experience with the Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit, making her a satisfied customer. After using the product for over 14 years, she highly recommends it for its quality and exclusivity. Roxy mentions that negative reviews may be due to inexperience in waxing or mishaps during shipping. She shares her professional tips and tricks for using the kit and highlights the importance of using quality strips for optimal results. Another customer expressed their satisfaction with the product, stating that it worked well and provided easy and clean hair removal. These personal reviews reflect the positive experiences of real users, further validating the effectiveness of the Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit.

Roll-on Hair Removal Kit: Easy-to-Follow Instructions and Additional Products

Roll-on Hair Removal Kit

Even for beginners, the Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit comes with well-written instructions, making it easy to use. In case the instructional DVD is missing, the included booklet provides all the necessary guidance. To enhance the waxing experience, customers recommend purchasing the pre-cleanser and post-aloe gel. These additional products complement the kit and contribute to a more comfortable and effective waxing process. With clear instructions and the option to enhance the experience with additional products, the Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit ensures a smooth and hassle-free hair removal journey.

Roll-on Hair Removal Kit: Return and Refund Policy

Although the Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit is generally well-received, there have been a few instances of faulty or used products. Customers who encountered such issues expressed their dissatisfaction and requested refunds. It is important to note that returning the product for a refund may require contacting customer support and covering the return shipping costs. However, these cases are rare, and most customers have had a positive experience with the Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit.


  • All-in-one kit: The Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit comes with everything you need for a complete waxing session, including a wax warmer, various sizes of wax, roller heads, cloth strips, and skin conditioner. This convenient kit saves you time and money by providing all the essentials in one package.
  • Suitable for full body waxing: This kit is designed to remove unwanted hair from the face and body, making it a versatile option for all your waxing needs. Whether you want to wax your back, arms, legs, underarms, or chest, this kit has got you covered.
  • Smooth, hair-free skin for weeks: The Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit provides long-lasting results, leaving you with silky, flawless, hair-free skin for weeks. Say goodbye to daily shaving and hello to smooth skin that lasts.


  • Potential for mishaps during shipping: Some customers have reported receiving the product with missing or damaged components due to mishandling during shipping. This can be frustrating and may require contacting customer service for a resolution.
  • Not suitable for professional use: While the Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit is a great option for personal use, it may not meet the standards required for professional estheticians or spas. The small wax sizes may not be sufficient for high-volume use, and the kit may lack certain features that professionals look for in a waxing system.
  • Limited wax size options: Some users have found that the wax sizes provided in the kit are small, making it necessary to purchase refills more frequently. This can be an inconvenience and may increase the overall cost of using the product.

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In conclusion, I highly recommend the Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit for professional or personal use. It provides all-in-one hair removal essentials for a smooth, hair-free result. The kit is easy to use, and with proper technique and practice, it can deliver professional-quality waxing at home. Despite some negative reviews, I believe that most issues stem from inexperience or mishaps during shipping. Overall, the Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit has been a game-changer in my spa and has consistently delivered excellent results for my clients.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit suitable for beginners?

Answer: Yes, the Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit is beginner-friendly and comes with an instruction booklet to guide you through the waxing process. It provides all the necessary tools and products for a successful waxing experience.

Question: Can this kit be used for sensitive skin?

Answer: Yes, the Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. However, it is always recommended to patch test a small area before applying wax to a larger area to ensure compatibility and avoid any potential skin reactions.

Question: How long does the hair-free result last?

Answer: The Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit provides hair-free results that can last for weeks. However, individual hair growth patterns and factors such as hormonal changes can affect the duration of the hair-free period. Regular waxing sessions are typically required to maintain smooth, hair-free skin.

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