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Reusable Strip Lashes: Enhance Your Natural Beauty with KISS MLBB Lashes

Reusable Strip Lashes, known as KISS My Lash But Better False Eyelashes or KISS MLBB Lashes, are designed for everyday wear, providing a natural and comfortable fit. With their Superfine Band Technology and easy application, these strip lashes are a popular choice among lash enthusiasts. In this review, we will delve into the product features and explore personal experiences to determine if these lashes live up to their claims.

As someone who has struggled with Alopecia and the loss of natural lashes, finding the perfect false eyelashes has been a priority for me. I have tried numerous brands and styles, but the KISS MLBB “All Mine” lashes have truly exceeded my expectations. The clear band and multi-directional placement of the lashes create a natural look that is indistinguishable from my own lashes. I appreciate that they are reusable and can be worn up to 10 times with proper care.

The application process was surprisingly easy, even for a novice like myself. I followed the recommended technique of applying a thin layer of KISS lash glue with Aloe to both the lash band and my lash line. After waiting for the glue to dry for about a minute, I used tweezers to position the lashes in the center of my lash line and then adjusted the corners for a perfect fit. The lashes stayed in place throughout the day and required minimal touch-ups.

Introduction to KISS My Lash But Better False Eyelashes

Reusable Strip Lashes

Designed for everyday wear, the KISS My Lash But Better False Eyelashes, also known as MLBB lashes, provide a natural yet enhanced look to your lashes. With Superfine Band Technology, these false lashes offer a comfortable fit that feels just like your own lashes. They are contact lens friendly and can be reused up to 10 times with proper care. If you’re looking for a way to achieve understated luxe and effortless beauty, these lashes are the perfect choice.

Reusable Strip Lashes: Number 1 for False Eyelashes

Reusable Strip Lashes

When it comes to false eyelashes, KISS is a market leader, and the MLBB lashes are no exception. With a wide range of lash options available, including magnetic lashes, eyeliner lashes, faux mink lashes, and more, KISS offers everything you need to achieve the look of lash extensions in just minutes. Whether you’re going for a dramatic or natural look, KISS has got you covered.

Reusable Strip Lashes: DIY Lash Looks That Wow

Reusable Strip Lashes

Professional-looking lash extension looks can easily be created at home with KISS MLBB lashes. Available in various lengths and styles, including singles, doubles, and multipacks, these lashes save you trips to the salon and give you the freedom to experiment with different looks. In addition to lashes, KISS also offers applicators, glues, and removers, making it a one-stop shop for all your lash needs.

Reusable Strip Lashes: Perfect for Alopecia and Hypothyroidism

Reusable Strip Lashes

The MLBB lashes can be a game-changer for individuals experiencing partial or total loss of natural eyelashes due to conditions like Alopecia or hypothyroidism. These lashes provide a natural and realistic appearance, helping those with autoimmune disorders regain their confidence and feel like themselves again. With the right application technique and adhesive, these lashes can seamlessly blend in with your existing lashes, giving you a natural look that no one would suspect.

Reusable Strip Lashes: Easy Application and Long-Lasting Results

Reusable Strip Lashes

The ease of application when it comes to the KISS MLBB lashes is highly praised by many users. Even first-time lash wearers find them simple to use, with the lashes going on smoothly and staying in place throughout the day. With proper care and maintenance, these lashes can last for multiple uses, providing you with long-lasting results without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts on KISS MLBB Lashes

The KISS MLBB lashes offer a versatile and affordable option for lash enthusiasts or anyone looking to enhance their natural beauty. With their comfortable fit, natural appearance, and wide range of styles, these lashes have become a favorite among many users. Give them a try and see for yourself why KISS is a trusted brand in the world of false eyelashes.


  • Natural Look: The KISS My Lash But Better False Eyelashes are designed to look as natural as your own lashes, enhancing your eyes without looking fake or overdone.
  • Reusable: These lashes can be reused up to 10 times with proper care, making them a cost-effective option compared to constantly buying new lashes.
  • Easy to Apply: Users have reported that these lashes are easy to apply, even for beginners who have never worn false lashes before. They come with a clear band that blends seamlessly with your natural lash line.


  • Size Variation: Some users have mentioned that the lashes they received were larger and more dramatic than they appeared in the product images. This could be a disappointment for those looking for a more subtle, natural look.
  • Personal Preference: Lash preferences can vary from person to person, so while some may find these lashes to be perfect, others may have different expectations or preferences for their desired look.
  • Band Visibility: Although the clear band is designed to be discreet, some users have noted that it is still slightly visible when wearing the lashes, which may not be ideal for those seeking a truly natural appearance.

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In conclusion, the KISS MLBB Lashes have been a game-changer for me. They provide a natural and comfortable everyday look, making me feel confident and at ease. The range of styles available in the MLBB line allows for customization and experimentation, catering to individual preferences and needs. With their affordable price and impressive durability, these lashes are a great investment for anyone looking to enhance their natural beauty. I highly recommend giving the KISS MLBB Lashes a try.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Are these lashes suitable for everyday wear?

Answer: Yes, these lashes are designed for day-to-day wear and are meant to look natural, making them suitable for everyday use.

Question: How many times can these lashes be reused?

Answer: These lashes can be reused up to 10 times with proper care, making them a cost-effective option compared to disposable lashes.

Question: Are these lashes easy to apply for beginners?

Answer: Yes, users have reported that these lashes are easy to apply, even for beginners who have never worn false lashes before. The clear band helps with seamless blending.

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