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Natural Mascara for Sensitive Eyes: A Comprehensive Guide


Sensitive eyes can make wearing mascara a challenge. But don’t worry, there are plenty of natural mascaras out there that are gentle on sensitive eyes while still providing the volume and length you desire. Let’s dive into the world of all-natural mascara for sensitive eyes.

What is a Natural Mascara?

All-natural mascara is a type of mascara that is made without potentially harmful ingredients. These mascaras are typically free of carbon pigments, parabens, silicones, synthetic dyes, and artificial fragrances. They are designed to be gentle on the eyes, making them a great choice for those with sensitive eyes.

Why Choose a Natural Mascara for Sensitive Eyes?

Sensitive eyes can react to certain ingredients found in traditional mascaras, leading to redness, itching, burning, swelling, or blurry vision. All-natural mascaras are usually free from these irritating ingredients, making them a safer choice for sensitive eyes.

Top Picks for Natural Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

Here are some top picks for all-natural mascaras that are suitable for sensitive eyes:

  1. Beautycounter Think Big All-in-One Mascara: This award-winning mascara volumizes, lifts, and lengthens lashes. It has a clean formula and minimal smudging.
  2. ILIA Beauty Limitless Lash Mascara: This mascara is a favorite for its ability to create limitless lashes.
  3. Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara: This mascara works to curl and volumize your lashes, without any risk of clumping.
  4. Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara: This cruelty and fragrance-free mascara is gentle on the skin and eyes.


Q: What should I look for in an all-natural mascara? A: Look for mascaras that are ophthalmologist- or dermatologist-approved and safe for sensitive skin with excellent safety testing.

Q: Can all-natural mascara provide the same effect as traditional mascara? A: Yes, all-natural mascaras can provide the same effect as traditional mascaras without including some of the potentially toxic components.

Q: Are all-natural mascaras suitable for those with allergies? A: Yes, all-natural mascaras are usually suitable for those with allergies as they are free from common allergens1.


Choosing an all-natural mascara can make a world of difference for those with sensitive eyes. Not only can it help avoid irritation, but it can also provide the lash-enhancing benefits you’re looking for. So, why not give one of our top picks a try?

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