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Narcissist Eyebrows: What They Are and How to Spot Them

Have you ever wondered if you can tell someone’s personality by their eyebrows? You might be surprised to learn that there is a link between eyebrows and narcissism, a personality trait characterized by egotism, vanity, and a sense of entitlement. In this blog post, we will explore what narcissist eyebrows are, how they differ from normal eyebrows, and how you can spot them in yourself or others.

What are narcissist eyebrows?

Narcissist eyebrows are eyebrows that are distinctive, groomed, and perceived as feminine, according to a study by psychologists Miranda Giacomin and Nicholas Rule. The researchers found that people can accurately judge narcissism from eyebrows alone, even when the rest of the face is hidden or obscured. They also found that narcissists tend to have thicker, denser, and more defined eyebrows than non-narcissists.

Why do narcissists have distinctive eyebrows?

The researchers suggest that narcissists may use their eyebrows as a way of enhancing their appearance and attracting attention and admiration from others. Eyebrows are an important feature of facial expression and communication, and they can also help us recognize faces. By having distinctive eyebrows, narcissists may be able to stand out from the crowd, convey their emotions more effectively, and manipulate others more easily.

How can you spot narcissist eyebrows?

If you want to spot narcissist eyebrows, you need to pay attention to three key factors: distinctiveness, grooming, and perceived femininity. Here are some tips on how to identify each factor:

  • Distinctiveness: This is the most accurate factor in judging narcissism, according to the study. Distinctive eyebrows are ones that are noticeable for their thickness, color, and spacing. They may also have a sharp or angular shape, or a high arch. Look for eyebrows that draw your attention or contrast with the rest of the face.
  • Grooming: This factor refers to how much care and effort the person puts into shaping and maintaining their eyebrows. Groomed eyebrows are ones that are plucked, waxed, threaded, or trimmed to achieve a desired look. They may also be filled in, tinted, or enhanced with makeup or cosmetic procedures. Look for eyebrows that are neat, symmetrical, and well-defined.
  • Perceived femininity: This factor refers to how much the eyebrows match the stereotypical feminine ideal. Feminine eyebrows are ones that are thin, curved, and delicate, according to the study. They may also be higher on the forehead, or closer to the eyes. Look for eyebrows that are soft, graceful, and elegant.


  • Q: Does having distinctive eyebrows mean that I am a narcissist?
  • A: No, not necessarily. Having distinctive eyebrows is only one possible indicator of narcissism, and it is not a definitive or diagnostic criterion. There are many other factors that contribute to narcissism, such as personality, behavior, and life experiences. If you are concerned about your own or someone else’s level of narcissism, you should consult a professional psychologist or therapist.
  • Q: Are all narcissists aware of their eyebrows and how they affect others?
  • A: No, not always. Some narcissists may be consciously aware of their eyebrows and use them as a tool to manipulate or impress others. However, some narcissists may be unconsciously or subconsciously drawn to distinctive eyebrows, without knowing why or how they influence their personality. The researchers suggest that narcissism may have a biological or genetic component, and that eyebrows may be a physical marker of narcissism.
  • Q: Can I change my eyebrows or someone else’s eyebrows to reduce narcissism?
  • A: No, not really. Changing your eyebrows or someone else’s eyebrows may alter your appearance, but it will not change your personality or behavior. Narcissism is a complex and deep-rooted trait that requires psychological intervention and therapy to address. If you or someone you know is struggling with narcissism, you should seek professional help and support.


Narcissist eyebrows are a fascinating phenomenon that reveals how our facial features can reflect our personality traits. By being aware of what narcissist eyebrows are and how to spot them, you may be able to better understand yourself and others, and avoid falling prey to narcissistic manipulation or exploitation. Remember, however, that eyebrows are not the only or the most reliable way of judging narcissism, and that you should always look beyond the surface to see the whole person.

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