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Secrets of Lashify Gossamer Lashes: A Comprehensive Guide

Lashify Gomer Lashes

Lashify Gossamer Lashes are a game-changer in the world of eyelash extensions. They are the first of their kind, offering a virtually weightless, luxurious, and damage-free experience. This short blog post will provide a detailed comparison of the different types of Gossamer Lashes offered by Lashify.

What are Lashify Gossamer Lashes?

Gossamer Lashes offer a one-of-a-kind lash extension option that is incredibly lightweight, ensuring a luxurious and safe application. These lashes are specifically crafted to flawlessly integrate with your natural lashes, resulting in a perfect appearance.

Plus+ Collection Gossamer Lashes

Gossamer Lashes by Lashify are available in four distinct styles: A12, B10, C8, and D12. Each style offers unique features and benefits, allowing you to achieve your desired lash look effortlessly.

Lashify Gossamer Lashes - get them for that weightless feel

The A12 lashes are perfect for those who prefer a natural and subtle enhancement, while the B10 lashes provide a bit more volume and length.

For a more dramatic and glamorous look, the C8 lashes are an excellent choice, while the D12 lashes offer maximum length and fullness for a bold and statement-making effect. Whatever your preference, Lashify’s Gossamer Lashes have got you covered.

The Plus+ Collection is an elevated, longer-lasting version of the Core collection. This collection has three styles: A+, B+, and C+. These lashes are designed to be long-lasting and naturally fall off or disintegrate from the natural lash line due to normal wear and tear.

A+ Lashes

The A+ lashes are so natural – like your lashes but better! They have the thinnest fiber and the least amount of curl. They are great for those with a hooded lid or to create a tapered wing look, with the lengths gradually going up in size from the inner to the outer corner.

B+ Lashes

The B+ lashes feature a thicker fiber and a soft curl. It’s as if you took a well-formulated high-end mascara and placed two coats on the natural lashes but without the clumps. These are also perfect for a true monolid and for those with naturally very straight eyelashes.

C+ Lashes

The C+ lash has thin fibers and a good curl, adding a beautiful lift to the eye with minimal volume. Think of it as a natural lash lift for a beautiful but delicate doll eye. The most flirtatious lash in the collection!


How do I remove the Gossamer Lashes from the cartridge?

Due to the extremely delicate nature of this specific lash collection, proper removal from the cartridge is key. Make sure to gently remove them with the pads of your fingertips, down towards the spine and base of the cartridge. If they are a bit too tight inside the cartridge to remove carefully, use your Fuse Control Wand and place it under the black cap of the cartridge to loosen the top off.

Can I reuse the Plus+ Collection Gossamer Lashes?

The Plus lashes were designed to be a long-lasting lash. When worn for an entire week (or more!), they naturally fall off or disintegrate from the natural lash line due to normal wear and tear. These were not designed for reuse.


Lashify’s Gossamer Lashes offer a variety of options to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a natural look with the A+ lashes, a bold look with the B+ lashes, or a flirtatious look with the C+ lashes, there’s a Gossamer Lash for everyone.

Remember, proper care and application are key to maximizing the lifespan and appearance of your Gossamer Lashes.

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