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Joey’s Eyebrows: A Hilarious and Iconic Moment from Friends

If you are a fan of the sitcom Friends, you probably remember the episode where Joey gets his eyebrows done by a professional. It was one of the funniest and most memorable moments in the show’s history, and it also showcased the amazing chemistry and humor of the cast. In this blog post, we will explore the background, the plot, and the aftermath of this hilarious scene, and answer some frequently asked questions about Joey’s eyebrows.


The episode where Joey gets his eyebrows done is called “The One Where Monica Sings” and it is the 13th episode of the 9th season of Friends. It aired on January 30, 2003, and it was watched by 24.5 million viewers in the US. The episode was written by Robert Carlock and directed by Ben Weiss.

The main plot of the episode revolves around Monica singing at Mike’s piano bar, unaware that the audience is only cheering for her because they can see her nipples through her shirt. Meanwhile, Rachel tries to make a move on Gavin, her co-worker who temporarily replaced her while she was on maternity leave. And Phoebe tries to avoid her ex-boyfriend David, who is back from Minsk and wants to propose to her.

The subplot involving Joey’s eyebrows is a minor but hilarious one. It starts when Joey sees a flyer for a free eyebrow shaping at a salon. He decides to give it a try, thinking that it will make him look more handsome and confident. However, he soon regrets his decision when he sees the result: one of his eyebrows is much thinner and higher than the other, making him look ridiculous and asymmetrical.


Joey goes to the salon and meets the eyebrow lady, who is played by the actress Jennifer Coolidge. She tells him that she will make him look like a “movie star” and asks him to lie down on a table. She then proceeds to wax his right eyebrow, removing most of the hair and leaving only a thin line. Joey is shocked and horrified by the outcome, and he asks her to stop. However, she insists that he needs to do the other eyebrow too, to make them match. Joey refuses and tries to escape, but she chases him around the salon, holding a wax strip in her hand. Joey manages to get out of the salon, but not before she manages to wax a small part of his left eyebrow, making it even more uneven.

Joey then goes to Central Perk, where he meets Chandler and Ross. They are both stunned and amused by Joey’s appearance, and they make fun of him. Chandler compares Joey’s eyebrows to a “baby caterpillar chasing its mama” and Ross says that Joey looks like he is “permanently surprised”. Joey is embarrassed and angry, and he asks them to help him fix his eyebrows. Chandler suggests that Joey should shave off both of his eyebrows and draw them back on with a marker. Ross disagrees and says that Joey should just leave them alone and let them grow back naturally. Joey is unsure what to do, and he decides to go to his audition, hoping that no one will notice his eyebrows.

At the audition, Joey meets the casting director, who is played by the actor Jim Rash. He tells Joey that he is auditioning for the role of a “suave and sophisticated” man who seduces a woman at a party. Joey tries to act cool and charming, but he is distracted and self-conscious about his eyebrows. The casting director notices Joey’s eyebrows and asks him if he had an accident. Joey lies and says that he was in a fire and that his eyebrows got burned. The casting director is sympathetic and tells Joey that he is brave and that he should be proud of his eyebrows. He then asks Joey to do the scene, but Joey is unable to deliver a convincing performance. He ends up saying his lines in a high-pitched and nervous voice, and he makes weird facial expressions. The casting director is confused and disappointed, and he tells Joey that he is not right for the role.

Joey then goes back to his apartment, where he finds Chandler waiting for him. Chandler tells Joey that he has a solution for his eyebrow problem: he has drawn a new eyebrow for Joey with a marker, matching the shape and size of his original one. Joey is relieved and grateful, and he hugs Chandler. He then looks at himself in the mirror and sees that Chandler has done a good job. He thanks Chandler again and tells him that he is a great friend. Chandler smiles and says that he is happy to help. He then reveals that he has also drawn a unibrow on Joey’s forehead, as a prank. Joey is shocked and angry, and he chases Chandler around the apartment, trying to get revenge.


The episode ends with a scene where Joey and Chandler are sitting on the couch, watching TV. They both have shaved off their eyebrows and drawn them back on with a marker. They look ridiculous and unhappy, and they regret their decisions. They then see a commercial for a new movie, starring the actor who got the role that Joey auditioned for. They see that the actor has perfect eyebrows, and that he is suave and sophisticated. They are jealous and bitter, and they wonder what could have been. They then decide to go to the salon and get their eyebrows done again, hoping that they will look better this time. They leave the apartment, unaware that the eyebrow lady is waiting for them outside, holding a wax strip in her hand.


  • Why did Joey get his eyebrows done?
    • Joey got his eyebrows done because he saw a flyer for a free eyebrow shaping at a salon, and he thought that it would make him look more handsome and confident.
  • Who played the eyebrow lady?
    • The eyebrow lady was played by the actress Jennifer Coolidge, who is known for her roles in movies like American Pie, Legally Blonde, and Best in Show.
  • What episode of Friends is Joey’s eyebrows?
    • Joey’s eyebrows is the 13th episode of the 9th season of Friends, and it is called “The One Where Monica Sings”.
  • How did Chandler fix Joey’s eyebrows?
    • Chandler fixed Joey’s eyebrows by drawing a new eyebrow for Joey with a marker, matching the shape and size of his original one. However, he also drew a unibrow on Joey’s forehead, as a prank.
  • Did Joey’s eyebrows grow back?
    • Joey’s eyebrows did grow back eventually, but not before he and Chandler shaved them off and drew them back on with a marker, making them look even worse.
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