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How to Get Gorgeous Lashes with Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit

Do you want to have thicker, longer, and more beautiful eyelashes without using any glue or adhesive? If yes, then you might want to try the Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit, a revolutionary product that uses magnetic technology to give you a stunning lash look in minutes.

In this blog post, I will explain what the Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit is, how it works, and how to use it. I will also answer some frequently asked questions and share some tips and tricks to make the most of your magnetic lashes.

What is the Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit?

The Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit is a set of magnetic eyeliner and magnetic eyelashes that are designed to work together to create a natural and flawless lash look. The kit comes with a special eyeliner that contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that allow the magnetic eyelash to easily connect. The eyeliner is also smudge-proof and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your lashes falling off or looking messy.

The kit also comes with five pairs of reusable magnetic eyelashes that are made of high-quality synthetic fibers that are soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. The eyelashes come in different styles and lengths, so you can choose the one that suits your mood and occasion. Whether you want a subtle, dramatic, or glamorous look, you can find the perfect pair of lashes for you.

How does the Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit work?

The Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit works by using the magnetic attraction between the eyeliner and the eyelashes. The eyeliner has tiny magnetic particles that create a magnetic field when applied on the eyelids. The eyelashes have small magnets that are attracted to the magnetic field, making them stick to the eyeliner. This way, you don’t need any glue or adhesive to apply the eyelashes, and you can easily adjust or remove them as you wish.

How to use the Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit?

Using the Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit is very easy and simple. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Shake the magnetic eyeliner bottle well before use.
  2. Apply the magnetic eyeliner along your upper lash line as you would normally do. Make sure the eyeliner is thick enough to cover the magnets on the eyelashes. You can also apply a second layer for a stronger hold.
  3. Wait for the eyeliner to dry completely. It usually takes about 2-3 minutes.
  4. Gently remove the magnetic eyelashes from the tray and trim them to fit your eye shape if needed.
  5. Hold the eyelashes by the outer corner and place them on top of the eyeliner. The eyelashes will snap onto the eyeliner automatically. You can use your fingers or a tweezer to adjust the position and make sure the lashes are aligned with your natural lash line.
  6. Repeat the same process for the other eye.

That’s it! You are now ready to flaunt your gorgeous lashes!


Here are some of the most common questions and answers about the Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit:

  • Q: How long do the magnetic eyelashes last?
  • A: The magnetic eyelashes are reusable and can last for up to 30 times if you take good care of them. To extend their lifespan, you should store them in the original tray and avoid pulling or rubbing them. You should also clean them regularly by gently wiping off any residue or makeup with a cotton pad and some makeup remover.
  • Q: How do I remove the magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner?
  • A: To remove the magnetic eyelashes, you just need to gently peel them off from the outer corner to the inner corner. You can use a cotton pad soaked in some makeup remover to wipe off any remaining eyeliner or mascara on your eyelids and lashes.
  • Q: Are the magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner safe for my eyes?
  • A: The magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner are safe for your eyes as long as you use them correctly and follow the instructions. The magnetic eyeliner is made of non-toxic and hypoallergenic ingredients that are gentle on your skin. The magnetic eyelashes are made of synthetic fibers that are soft and comfortable to wear. However, if you have any eye conditions, allergies, or sensitivities, you should consult your doctor before using the product. You should also avoid contact with your eyes and discontinue use if you experience any irritation, redness, or discomfort.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the best results from your Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit:

  • Before applying the magnetic eyeliner, make sure your eyelids are clean and dry. You can also apply some primer or eyeshadow to create a smooth and even base for the eyeliner.
  • To make the eyeliner more precise and smoother, you can use a small brush or an eyeliner pen to apply it. You can also create different eyeliner shapes, such as winged, cat-eye, or smoky, to match your lash style and eye shape.
  • To make the eyelashes more natural and blended, you can curl your natural lashes and apply some mascara before applying the magnetic eyelashes. You can also use an eyelash curler to curl the magnetic eyelashes after applying them to create more volume and lift.
  • To make the eyelashes more secure and long-lasting, you can apply some extra eyeliner on the inner and outer corners of your eyes. You can also apply some eyeliner on the magnets of the eyelashes to conceal them and make them more seamless.
  • To make the eyelashes more versatile and customizable, you can mix and match different pairs of lashes to create your own unique look. You can also cut the lashes into smaller sections and apply them on the outer or inner corners of your eyes to create more definition and drama.

I hope this blog post has helped you understand more about the Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit and how to use it. If you are interested in trying this product, you can find it on Amazon or on the Arishine Beauty website. You can also check out some reviews and videos from other customers who have used the product and see how they look on different eye shapes and sizes.

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