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City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss – A Personal Review

The City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss promises to hydrate and volumize your lips while visibly smoothing lip wrinkles. With a product price of $35.00 and a rating of 3.6 out of 5, it has garnered 3,792 reviews. In this review, I will share my personal experience with this lip gloss.

After trying out the City Lips lip gloss, I must say that it has become my new favorite. While some negative reviews may have stemmed from unrealistic expectations, I found that this lip gloss does deliver on its promise to make my lips look slightly plumper and reduce the appearance of lines. The color is great and it feels comfortable on my lips, not overly sticky. However, it is not an all-day wear lip gloss and may require reapplication, especially after eating and drinking. Nevertheless, it stays looking nice on my lips for hours if I’m not indulging in food and beverages. Compared to other lip products I’ve tried, this one stands out as a favorite.

Plumping Effect Expectations

Lip Gloss

When it comes to the plumping effect of City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss, many users have unrealistic expectations. It’s important to note that no topical lip gloss can give you the same results as a lip injection. However, as a lip gloss, City Lips does provide a slight plumping effect and helps reduce the appearance of lines on the lips. It adds a subtle enhancement to your lips, making them look slightly fuller. While it may not last all day, it stays on for hours if you’re not eating or drinking. Overall, it’s important to have realistic expectations when using a lip gloss for plumping purposes.

Lip Gloss: Packaging Concerns

Lip Gloss

Concerns about the packaging of City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss have been expressed by some users. There have been instances where the product arrived unsealed or not filled to its full capacity. This can be disappointing, especially considering the price of the product. It’s important to check the packaging upon arrival and contact customer service if there are any issues. While this may not affect the performance of the product, it’s a valid concern for those who value the overall presentation and quality of their purchase.

Lip Gloss: Long-Lasting Formula

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The long-lasting formula is one of the positive aspects of City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss. Users have reported that the lip gloss stays on for hours, even with regular activities. While reapplication may be necessary after eating or drinking, the lip gloss maintains its appearance for a significant amount of time. This is especially beneficial for those who prefer a lip product that doesn’t require constant touch-ups throughout the day. The longevity of the lip gloss adds to its overall value and makes it a convenient option for all-day wear.

Stickiness and Hair Concerns

Lip Gloss

Hair getting stuck in it can be a result of City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss being sticky, as mentioned by some users. While the stickiness may be a downside for some, others appreciate how it enhances the overall look of their lips. It’s important to find a balance between the stickiness and the desired plumping effect. Additionally, using a lip liner can help prevent the lip gloss from spreading beyond the lip line and causing any discomfort. Taking these factors into consideration will ensure a more enjoyable experience with the product.

Lip Gloss: Moisturizing Benefits

Lip Gloss

City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss has been praised by many users for its moisturizing properties. The lip gloss provides long-lasting hydration, keeping the lips feeling soft and nourished. This is particularly important for those who struggle with dry or chapped lips. The moisturizing benefits of City Lips make it a go-to product for individuals looking to enhance their lip appearance while also maintaining optimal lip health.

Lip Gloss: Color Variations

It’s important to note that there may be variations in color when selecting a shade of City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss. While the clear option provides a reliable and versatile choice, the colored options may not always match the expectations. Some users have found that the color they ordered did not accurately represent the shade they were expecting. It’s advisable to review swatches or consult customer reviews before making a purchase to ensure the desired color is achieved.


  • Makes lips look slightly plumper and reduces the appearance of lines on the lips.
  • Color and feel of the lip gloss are great, not too sticky.
  • Lasts for hours if not eating or drinking.


  • Some customers received unsealed or partially used packages.
  • Has a plastic smell and can feel tacky on the lips.
  • Does not provide a significant plumping effect.

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In conclusion, the City Lips lip gloss has exceeded my expectations. It may not provide a drastic plumping effect like lip injections, but it does enhance the appearance of my lips and reduces the visibility of lines. Despite the need for occasional reapplication and the higher price point, I believe it is worth the investment. I highly recommend the City Lips lip gloss for anyone looking for a lip product that delivers on its promises and provides a comfortable, long-lasting wear.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Does the lip gloss actually plump the lips?

Answer: While it may make the lips look slightly plumper, it does not provide a significant plumping effect.

Question: Is the lip gloss long-lasting?

Answer: The lip gloss can last for hours if you’re not eating or drinking, but it may need to be reapplied throughout the day.

Question: Does the lip gloss have any negative side effects?

Answer: Some customers have reported a mild burning sensation or irritation, and it may seep into fine lines around the lips, making them look worse.

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