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Face Steamer for Home – Upgrade Your At-Home Facials with the EZBASICS Facial Steamer

Face Steamer for Home, the EZBASICS Facial Steamer is a powerful and innovative device designed to enhance your at-home facial experience. With its upgraded ionic steam technology, adjustable nozzle, and bonus skin kit, this facial steamer offers a range of benefits for your skin. In this review, I will share my personal experience with this product and provide insights on its performance and features.

Having used the EZBASICS Facial Steamer for several weeks now, I am thoroughly impressed with its performance. The ionic steam technology is truly a game-changer, as it effectively penetrates the skin and provides deep moisturization. I noticed a significant improvement in the overall texture and hydration of my skin after each use.

The adjustable nozzle feature is another highlight of this facial steamer. It allows me to customize the direction and flow of steam, creating a personalized and relaxing facial experience. I also appreciate the built-in aromatherapy tablets, which enable me to enjoy a soothing fragrance while steaming.

The included 5-piece skin kit is a valuable addition to this product. It provides everything I need to effectively remove blackheads and blemishes, leaving my skin smooth and blemish-free. This comprehensive package ensures that I can achieve professional-like results from the comfort of my own home.

Face Steamer for Home: Upgraded Ionic Steam Technology

Face Steamer for Home

written list of sentences:. By generating ionic steam, this steamer is up to 10 times more effective in penetrating the skin compared to traditional steamers. The combination of steam and ionic water particles ensures deep moisturization and unclogging of pores. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to use distilled or purified water. Within just 30 seconds of filling the steamer and turning it on, you can enjoy a strong and soothing mist. Sit back, relax, and indulge in the flow of steam for approximately 10 minutes.

At Home Facial Steamer & Enjoyable Fragrance

Face Steamer for Home

Standing out from basic hot water steamers, the EZBASICS Facial Steamer showcases its upgraded ionic steam technology. Not only does it moisturize your skin and unclog pores, but it also allows for an adjustable nozzle and steam flow, ensuring a customizable and enjoyable at-home facial experience. If you desire aromatherapy, simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the aromatherapy pads and place them on the built-in aromatherapy tablets of the steamer. This added feature enhances relaxation and adds a delightful fragrance to your steaming session.

Face Steamer for Home: Safety First

Face Steamer for Home

Turn your home into a spa-like sanctuary by using the EZBASICS Facial Steamer. Although you may notice a slight new plastic smell during initial use, rest assured that it is completely normal and dissipates after a few uses. Additionally, the steamer has an automatic power-off feature when the water supply is depleted, preventing any risk of dry burning. You can enjoy your facial steaming session with peace of mind, knowing that safety is a top priority.

Professional 5 Piece Skin Kit Included

Face Steamer for Home

Prioritizing safety, the EZBASICS Facial Steamer is constructed with eco-friendly and non-toxic ABS material. This comprehensive kit allows you to follow up your steaming session by effortlessly removing blackheads and blemishes for a flawless complexion. The inclusion of this skin kit ensures that you can achieve perfect skin after every use of the facial steamer.

Face Steamer for Home: Great Gift & Tip

Face Steamer for Home

Receive a 5 piece skin kit with every purchase of the EZBASICS Facial Steamer. With its exquisite gift-ready packaging, it is an ideal choice for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s for your mother, lover, teenage girl, or friends, this facial steamer is a thoughtful and practical present. Remember, only use distilled or pure water in the water tank and avoid adding other liquids such as aromatherapy essential oils to prevent any damage to the steamer.

Face Steamer for Home: Customer Reviews

Not only is the EZBASICS Facial Steamer a great addition to your skincare routine, but it also makes for an excellent gift. Many have found it convenient to incorporate into their daily routine, enjoying the soothing and hydrating effects on their skin. Some users have also mentioned the adjustable nozzle and the option to add essential oils as standout features. While a few customers have experienced minor issues, such as a cracked nozzle or a stuck button, the overall positive feedback highlights the effectiveness and power of this compact facial steamer.


  • Upgraded Ionic Steam Tech – The facial steamer generates ionic steam that is up to 10x more effective in penetrating the skin than basic hot water steamers. This allows for better moisturization and unclogging of pores.
  • At Home Facial Steamer & Enjoyable Fragrance – The direction of the nozzle and steam flow is adjustable, allowing you to create a personalized and relaxing facial experience at home. You can also add a few drops of essential oil for aromatherapy.
  • Professional 5 Piece Skin Kit Included – With every facial steamer, you receive a 5 piece skin kit that helps remove blackheads and blemishes effortlessly, leaving your skin looking flawless.


  • Initial Plastic Smell – When using the facial steamer for the first time, there may be a slight plastic smell. However, this smell will dissipate after a few uses.
  • Water Tank Refill – The water reservoir is not very large, so you may need to refill it every 10 minutes if you plan on using the steamer for a longer period of time.
  • Fragility of Nozzle – Some users have reported that the nozzle of the steamer can crack easily, which may require a replacement.

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In conclusion, the EZBASICS Facial Steamer is a top-notch product that delivers outstanding results. Its upgraded ionic steam technology, adjustable nozzle, and bonus skin kit make it a versatile and effective tool for achieving a spa-like facial experience at home. With its affordable price and excellent customer ratings, this facial steamer is definitely worth considering. I highly recommend it as a valuable addition to your skincare routine.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the facial steamer easy to use?

Answer: Yes, the facial steamer is easy to use. Simply fill it with distilled or purified water, turn it on, and within 30 seconds, you’ll have a soothing mist ready to use.

Question: Can I adjust the direction of the steam flow?

Answer: Yes, the direction of the steam flow is adjustable. You can move the nozzle up and down to create your desired steam flow.

Question: Is the facial steamer safe to use?

Answer: Yes, the facial steamer is made of eco-friendly ABS material that is non-toxic and non-irritating. It also has a safety feature that automatically powers off when the water supply runs out to prevent dry burning.

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