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Eyebrows Aftercare Gel – The Ultimate Solution for Brow Procedures

With its anti-inflammatory properties and better pigment retention, this aftercare gel is designed to promote faster healing and ensure long-lasting results. Let’s dive into my personal experience with this product.

I have been using the M Brow Aftercare Gel on my clients for extended aftercare, and I must say, it has been a game-changer. The gel’s formulation, enriched with vitamin A&D, not only aids in the healing process but also helps achieve better pigment retention. The clients I have given it to have reported reduced scabbing and itching, leading to improved healing and stunning results.

Additionally, I have found this gel to be versatile, as it can be used on other areas like the lips. Its convenient tube packaging allows for easy and on-the-go application, making it a practical choice for both professionals and individuals seeking effective aftercare solutions.

Eyebrows Aftercare Gel: Enhanced Pigment Retention

Eyebrows Aftercare Gel

Specially formulated to enhance pigment retention in microblading, powder brows, and permanent makeup procedures, the M – PACK OF 25 Brow Eyebrows Aftercare Gel Ointment is available. With the addition of vitamin A&D, this gel aids in the healing process, ensuring better retention of the pigments used. By using this aftercare gel, you can expect longer-lasting and more vibrant results. The anti-inflammatory properties of the gel also help to reduce swelling, redness, and inflammation, further promoting the healing process.

Eyebrows Aftercare Gel: Convenient and Portable

Eyebrows Aftercare Gel

Coming in a convenient and portable tube, the M – PACK OF 25 Brow Aftercare Gel is easy to apply and carry with you on the go. The individual tubes ensure hygienic application, eliminating the need to use your fingers. Whether you’re a professional brow artist or a client, this packaging is perfect for aftercare. The instructions provided on the tube guide clients on the proper application technique, ensuring optimal results. The compact size of each tube allows for easy storage and distribution, making it a practical choice for both professionals and individuals.

Eyebrows Aftercare Gel: Positive Client Feedback

Eyebrows Aftercare Gel

Clients have given positive feedback for the M – PACK OF 25 Brow Aftercare Gel. Many have found it to be an effective product for extended use on aftercare. It not only helps with healing and preventing scabbing and itching but also aids in pigment retention. Clients have also found the gel to be useful for other areas, such as lips, showcasing its versatility. The individual tubes have been praised for their convenience, easy application, and suitability for use after various procedures. Overall, clients appreciate the quality and value offered by this product.

Perfect for Dry and Normal Skin

Eyebrows Aftercare Gel

Beneficial for dry and normal skin types, the M – PACK OF 25 Brow Aftercare Gel contains lanolin. This ingredient helps to nourish and moisturize the skin, providing relief for clients with dry or sensitive skin. By using this gel, professionals can cater to a wider range of clients, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction. The soothing and hydrating properties of the gel make it an ideal choice for those with specific skin concerns.

Professional Quality at an Affordable Price

Eyebrows Aftercare Gel

Highly regarded for its professional quality, the M – PACK OF 25 Brow Aftercare Gel is well-known. It is trusted by brow artists and tattoo professionals for its effectiveness in promoting healing and enhancing pigment retention. Despite its professional-grade performance, the product is priced affordably, making it accessible to both professionals and individuals. This value-for-money offering makes it a top choice for those seeking quality aftercare products without breaking the bank.

A Versatile and Generous Package

Offering a generous package of 25 individually boxed tubes of eyebrow gel, the M – PACK OF 25 Brow Aftercare Gel is available. This quantity ensures that professionals have an ample supply for their clients’ aftercare needs. The individual packaging not only enhances hygiene but also allows for easy distribution as a gift to clients. The gel itself is versatile, suitable for use after microblading, powder brows, and other tattoo or permanent makeup procedures. With its pink packaging and high-quality formula, this product is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.


  • Convenient and Portable – The Brow Aftercare Gel comes in a convenient and portable tube, making it easy to apply on-the-go.
  • Better Pigment Retention – The gel contains vitamin A&D, which helps in the healing process and achieves better pigment retention, ensuring beautiful and long-lasting permanent makeup.
  • Reduces Swelling and Inflammation – The gel helps reduce swelling, redness, and inflammation after permanent makeup procedures, promoting faster and more effective healing for long-lasting results.


  • Interference with Pigment Retention – One user had concerns about the gel interfering with pigment retention when used for extended aftercare on clients.
  • Unnecessary Quantity – One user found the 25-pack of individually boxed tubes to be too much and unnecessary.
  • No Specific Use – One user mentioned not needing the product and considering it unnecessary.

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In conclusion, the M Brow Aftercare Gel Ointment has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and functionality. Its ability to promote faster and more effective healing, along with better pigment retention, makes it an essential product for anyone involved in microblading, powder brows, or permanent makeup procedures. The positive reviews from other users further validate its effectiveness and value for money.

I highly recommend the M Brow Aftercare Gel Ointment to all brow artists and individuals seeking optimal aftercare for their permanent makeup. With its exceptional quality, affordability, and convenient packaging, this product is a must-have in your beauty arsenal.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Has anyone used this for extended use on aftercare? I’ve given it to 2 of my clients for aftercare, but I’m not sure if it’s interfering with pigment retention.

Answer: One user had concerns about the gel interfering with pigment retention when used for extended aftercare on clients. It might be worth monitoring the results closely.

Question: Is the gel suitable for use on lips as well?

Answer: One user mentioned that the gel is great for lips too, so it can be used for aftercare on that area as well.

Question: Is the gel easy to apply without using fingers?

Answer: One user mentioned that the individual tubes are perfect for client aftercare and are easy to apply without having to use fingers.

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