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Everything You Need to Know About Russian Volume Lashes

If you are looking for a way to enhance your eyelashes with a fuller, more dramatic yet natural-looking effect, you might want to consider Russian volume lashes. These are a type of eyelash extensions that involve applying multiple thin synthetic fibers to each natural lash, creating a fluffy and voluminous look. In this blog post, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Russian volume lashes, such as what they are, how they differ from classic lashes, who can wear them, and how to care for them.

What are Russian volume lashes?

Russian volume lashes are a technique of eyelash extension that originated in Russia and quickly gained popularity worldwide. Unlike the traditional method of applying a single extension to each natural lash, known as classic lashes, Russian volume lashes use several ultra-fine extensions (ranging from 0.03 to 0.07 mm in thickness) that are fanned out and attached to each natural lash. This creates a fuller and more dramatic lash line than classic lashes, without adding too much weight or strain on the natural lashes.

What is the Russian method lashes?

The Russian method lashes is another name for Russian volume lashes, as they are based on the same technique of applying multiple extensions to each natural lash. The Russian method lashes can also refer to the specific style of applying the extensions in a fan-like shape, resulting in a thicker and fluffier appearance than American volume lashes, which tend to be more uniform and symmetrical.

What is the difference between classic and Russian volume lashes?

The main difference between classic and Russian volume lashes is the number and thickness of the extensions used. Classic lashes use one extension per natural lash, usually with a thickness of 0.15 to 0.25 mm. Russian volume lashes use several extensions per natural lash, usually with a thickness of 0.03 to 0.07 mm. This means that Russian volume lashes can achieve a much higher level of volume and density than classic lashes, while still being lightweight and comfortable.

Another difference between classic and Russian volume lashes is the customization and versatility they offer. Classic lashes are more limited in the styles and effects they can create, as they depend on the length and curl of the natural lashes. Russian volume lashes allow for a wider range of customization options, as the lash artist can adjust the length, curl, and volume of the extensions according to the client’s preferences and eye shape. For example, Russian volume lashes can create a natural, subtle enhancement, a glamorous, dramatic look, or anything in between.

Do Russian lashes suit everyone?

Russian lashes are suitable for most people who want to enhance their eyelashes with a fuller, more dramatic yet natural-looking effect. However, there are some exceptions and considerations that should be taken into account before getting Russian lashes. These include:

  • Allergies: Some people may be allergic to the glue or the synthetic fibers used for the extensions. It is advisable to do a patch test before getting Russian lashes to check for any adverse reactions.
  • Eye conditions: People who have eye infections, inflammation, or irritation should avoid getting Russian lashes until their condition is resolved, as the extensions may worsen the symptoms or cause further complications.
  • Natural lashes: People who have very fragile, damaged, or thin natural lashes may not be able to support the weight of the extensions, even if they are very fine. In this case, Russian lashes may not be the ideal lash treatment, as they may cause further damage or lash loss. It is recommended to consult with a professional lash technician who can assess the condition of the natural lashes and suggest alternative lash treatments if needed.
  • Lifestyle: People who have very active or busy lifestyles may find it hard to maintain and care for their Russian lashes, as they require regular cleaning and brushing, as well as avoiding water, heat, and oil-based products. People who wear glasses or contact lenses may also experience some discomfort or interference with their Russian lashes, depending on the length and curl of the extensions.

Do Russian lashes last longer?

Russian lashes can last longer than classic lashes, as they are more resistant to shedding and falling out. This is because they have more points of contact with the natural lashes, making them more secure and stable. However, the longevity of Russian lashes also depends on several factors, such as the quality of the application, the growth cycle of the natural lashes, and the aftercare routine. Generally, Russian lashes can last for four to six weeks, but they may need infills every two to three weeks to keep them looking fresh and full.

What’s better classic or Russian lashes?

There is no definitive answer to what’s better between classic and Russian lashes, as they both have their pros and cons, and the choice ultimately depends on personal preference and expectation. Classic lashes are more suitable for people who want a simple, natural, and low-maintenance lash enhancement, while Russian lashes are more suitable for people who want a more noticeable, dramatic, and customizable lash enhancement. Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of each type of lash extension:

Classic LashesRussian Lashes
– Easy to apply and maintain– Provide significant volume and fullness
– Look natural and realistic– Lightweight and comfortable
– Suitable for most eye shapes and lash types– Customizable and versatile
– Long-lasting and durable– Natural-looking and seamless
– Limited in style and effect– More expensive and time-consuming
– May look sparse or unnatural– Require more care and attention
– May damage or weigh down natural lashes– May not suit everyone
– May cause allergic reactions or infections– May cause allergic reactions or infections

Are Russian lashes better?

Russian lashes are not necessarily better than other types of lash extensions, as they have their own benefits and drawbacks, and the best option depends on individual preference and expectation. However, Russian lashes do have some unique features that make them stand out in the realm of eyelash enhancement, such as:

  • They provide a significant volume and fullness that is unmatched by other lash extensions, creating a fuller and more dramatic lash line.
  • They are lightweight and comfortable, despite their voluminous appearance, offering comfort and reducing strain on natural lashes.
  • They offer a wide range of customization options, from subtle enhancements to bold, glamorous looks, catering to individual preferences in length, curl, and volume.
  • They have a natural-looking appearance, blending seamlessly with natural lashes for an elegant, refined look.

Can Russian lashes look natural?

Russian lashes can look natural, depending on the style and effect chosen. Although Russian lashes are known for their dramatic and voluminous appearance, they can also create a subtle and natural enhancement, by using fewer and shorter extensions, and choosing a softer curl. The key to achieving a natural-looking result with Russian lashes is to work with a professional and experienced lash technician who can customize the extensions according to the client’s eye shape, natural lash condition, and desired outcome. A skilled lash technician can also ensure that the extensions are applied correctly and evenly, avoiding any clumps, gaps, or unevenness that may look unnatural or unflattering.

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