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Essence Lash Extension Mascara – Get Voluminous Lashes That Last All Day

Essence Lash Extension Mascara, a highly recommended product, promises to provide long-lasting volume and hold your lashes in place all day. It is enriched with lengthening fibers and is free from gluten, silicones, parabens, fragrance, and microplastic particles. In this review, I will share my personal experience with this mascara and give my honest opinion on its performance.

I have been using the essence Volume Stylist mascara for a while now, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. Unlike false lashes, this mascara gives my lashes a natural, yet voluminous look. The lengthening fibers in the formula make my lashes appear longer and more defined. I love how it lasts throughout the day without flaking or fading, allowing me to go about my activities worry-free. The fiber-releasing brush is perfect for reaching even the smallest lashes, giving me a gorgeous, full finish. Moreover, knowing that this mascara is vegan and cruelty-free makes me feel good about using it.

The Essence Volume Stylist Mascara – A Game-Changing Formula

Essence Lash Extension Mascara

A must-have in every makeup lover’s collection is the Essence Volume Stylist 18Hr Lash Extension with Fiber Mascara. This game-changing mascara is enriched with lengthening fibers that provide 18 hours of elegant, lasting volume. Say goodbye to flaking and fading as this mascara stays put all day without losing its intensity. The unique fiber-releasing brush reaches every lash, even the smallest ones, giving you a gorgeous, voluminous finish. Made in Luxembourg, this mascara is vegan, cruelty-free, and free from gluten, silicones, parabens, fragrance, and microplastic particles. Essence cosmetics is certified and acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty-free brand, ensuring that no animals are harmed in the process.

Essence Volume Stylist – The Perfect Alternative to False Lashes

Essence Lash Extension Mascara

Look no further than the Essence Volume Stylist Mascara if you’re looking for the perfect alternative to false lashes. This mascara is highly recommended by beauty enthusiasts for its ability to deliver long and voluptuous lashes without the hassle of applying false lashes. With its long-lasting formula, this mascara stays put throughout the day, making it ideal for all-day wear. The Essence Volume Stylist Mascara has received rave reviews from users who have been impressed with its performance, comparing it to high-end brands like Lancôme. It separates and lengthens lashes, giving you a natural yet glamorous look. Don’t miss out on this affordable gem that delivers professional-quality results.

Essence Volume Stylist – A Reliable Mascara with a Few Drawbacks

Essence Lash Extension Mascara

Consider a few drawbacks when it comes to the Essence Volume Stylist Mascara, despite its positive reviews. Some users have reported that their mascara was clumpy, potentially due to insufficient product coming off the wand. This resulted in overcoating the lashes, leaving them wet and clumpy. However, many users have found ways to work around this issue by scraping off the excess product and achieving decent results. It’s important to note that individual experiences may vary, and there are plenty of affordable mascaras on the market. Despite these minor concerns, the Essence Volume Stylist Mascara remains a reliable option for those seeking long, voluminous lashes.

Essence Volume Stylist – Decent Performance for the Price

Essence Lash Extension Mascara

The Essence Volume Stylist Mascara is a great option if you’re on a budget. Priced affordably at $4.99, this mascara offers buildable volume with minimal flaking. It is easily removed with soap and water, making the application and removal process hassle-free. Some users have even shared a professional makeup tip of adding a few drops of their favorite eye drops to the mascara to enhance its performance. While the mascara may dry a little fast, taking this extra step can help maintain its consistency. Overall, the Essence Volume Stylist Mascara provides excellent value for money and is a wise choice for those looking to achieve stunning lashes without breaking the bank.

Essence Volume Stylist – A Mixed Experience

Essence Lash Extension Mascara

Users have given mixed reviews to the Essence Volume Stylist Mascara. While some have praised its great feel, old-school wand, and thick application, others have found it to be less impressive compared to other variants of Essence Mascara. It’s important to note that personal preferences and expectations play a significant role in the overall experience. Some users may prefer different formulas or wand types. However, the majority of reviews still recommend giving this mascara a try, especially if you’ve struggled to find your “holy grail” mascara. It may just be the one that ticks all the boxes for you.

Essence Volume Stylist – A Versatile Range of Mascaras

Part of a versatile range of mascaras offered by Essence cosmetics is the Essence Volume Stylist Mascara. Known for their top-notch quality, Essence mascaras are loved by makeup enthusiasts worldwide. Users have found great success in layering different mascaras from the range, such as the green one, to achieve their desired look. If you’re a self-proclaimed mascara snob, the Essence Volume Stylist Mascara and its accompanying range are worth exploring. With a variety of options available, you’re sure to find the perfect mascara to elevate your lash game.


  • Enriched with lengthening fibers, providing 18 hours of elegant, lasting volume.
  • Does not flake, fade, or wear, making it a perfect all-day, longlasting mascara.
  • Fiber-releasing brush reaches even the smallest lashes, leaving a gorgeous, voluminous finish.


  • Some users reported clumping and difficulty with product application.
  • May flake and smudge if rubbed or touched throughout the day.
  • A few users received dried-out tubes, potentially affecting product quality.

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In conclusion, the essence Volume Stylist mascara is a fantastic product that delivers on its promises. It provides long-lasting volume, holds lashes in place all day, and is free from harmful ingredients. The positive reviews from other users further validate its effectiveness. While there may be some instances where the mascara can be clumpy or dry, overall, it offers great value for its affordable price. I highly recommend giving the essence Volume Stylist mascara a try if you’re looking for a mascara that adds volume and length to your lashes without the need for false lashes.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the Essence Volume Stylist 18Hr Lash Extension Mascara worth the price?

Answer: Yes, the mascara provides long-lasting volume and does not flake, making it a great value for the price.

Question: Does the mascara clump easily?

Answer: Some users reported clumping issues, but with proper application and removing excess product from the brush, it can provide decent results.

Question: What makes this mascara stand out from others?

Answer: The mascara is enriched with lengthening fibers, providing lasting volume, and the fiber-releasing brush ensures even coverage, reaching every lash for a voluminous finish.

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