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Enhance Your Brows Effortlessly with the Revlon Eyebrow Pencil

With its soft, blendable color and angled precision tip, this product promises to deliver natural-looking arches that last all day. In this review, I will share my personal experience with the product and provide my overall conclusion.

As someone with lighter hair, I opted for the 205 Blonde shade of the Revlon Eyebrow Pencil. The angled tip made application a breeze, allowing me to create precise, hair-like strokes. I appreciated the convenience of the automatic pencil, eliminating the need for sharpening. The dual-ended design with a spoolie brush made it easy to groom and blend the eyebrow makeup for a polished look.

I was impressed with the long-wearing, waterproof formula of the Revlon Eyebrow Pencil. It stayed put throughout the day without smudging or fading, even in humid conditions. The color payoff was great, filling in any gaps and giving my eyebrows a natural, defined appearance. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the pencil did not make my eyebrows look overly bold or dark, as I prefer a more subtle look.

Revlon Eyebrow Pencil: Affordable and High-Quality

Revlon Eyebrow Pencil

Not only is the Revlon Colorstay eyebrow pencil affordable, but it also delivers high-quality results. Despite its lower price point compared to other eyebrow pencils, it performs just as well, if not better. This makes it a great option for those on a budget or looking for a cost-effective alternative. The pencil is easy to use and provides a soft, blendable color that fills in brows beautifully. It effortlessly creates precise, hair-like strokes, thanks to its angled tip, allowing for extra precision in shaping and defining the eyebrows. Plus, the pencil is automatic, eliminating the need for sharpening.

Revlon Eyebrow Pencil: Dual-Ended Convenience

Revlon Eyebrow Pencil

Its dual-ended design is one of the standout features of the Revlon Colorstay eyebrow pencil. On one end, you’ll find the eyebrow pencil itself, while the other end features a spoolie brush. This dual-ended design offers convenient grooming and blending of eyebrow makeup. The soft spoolie brush is perfect for everyday use and helps to achieve a natural and well-groomed look. It effectively blends the eyebrow pencil for a seamless finish, ensuring that your eyebrows look polished and well put together. With the dual-ended pencil, you have everything you need in one handy tool.

Revlon Eyebrow Pencil: Long-Wearing and Waterproof

Revlon Eyebrow Pencil

Boasting a long-wearing, waterproof formula, the Revlon Colorstay eyebrow pencil lasts up to 24 hours without smudging or budging. This is especially beneficial for those who lead active lifestyles or live in hot and humid climates. You can confidently wear this eyebrow pencil throughout the day, knowing that it will stay in place and maintain its flawless look. Whether you’re going for a swim, hitting the gym, or simply facing a long day, this eyebrow pencil will stay put and keep your brows looking fresh and defined.

A Range of Beautiful Shades

Revlon Eyebrow Pencil

Available in five beautiful, waterproof shades (Blonde, Soft Brown, Auburn, Dark Brown, and Soft Black), the Revlon Colorstay eyebrow pencil is a versatile option. This wide range of shades ensures that there is a perfect match for every hair color and complexion. Whether you have fair hair or dark hair, you can find a shade that will seamlessly blend with your natural eyebrows. The waterproof nature of these shades also means that they won’t fade or smudge throughout the day, giving you long-lasting color that stays true.

Revlon Eyebrow Pencil: Real User Reviews

Revlon Eyebrow Pencil

The reviews from users of the Revlon Colorstay eyebrow pencil have been overwhelmingly positive. Many customers love the color selection and find that the product is long-lasting and easy to apply. The soft finish and precise application have impressed users, making it a go-to eyebrow pencil for many. Some users have found the pencil to be a bit fragile, with the lead breaking off easily. However, the majority of customers have praised the product’s performance and value for money.

Revlon Eyebrow Pencil: Final Thoughts

In summary, achieving beautifully defined eyebrows is made affordable and high-quality with the Revlon Colorstay eyebrow pencil. Its soft, blendable color, angled precision tip, and dual-ended design make it easy to use and create natural-looking brows. The long-wearing, waterproof formula ensures that your brows stay in place all day, even in challenging conditions. With a range of shades to choose from, there is a perfect match for everyone. Overall, the Revlon Colorstay eyebrow pencil is a reliable and budget-friendly choice for flawless eyebrows.


  • The Revlon Colorstay eyebrow pencil is price conscious and budget-friendly, offering a cost-effective option compared to more expensive eyebrow pencils.
  • The pencil has a soft and blendable color that allows for easy definition and filling in of the eyebrows, resulting in gorgeous arches.
  • It features an angled tip that provides extra precision, enabling users to create precise, hair-like strokes. The pencil is also automatic, eliminating the need for sharpening.


  • Some users have reported that the pencil breaks off easily when rolled out, resulting in product wastage.
  • While the product claims to be waterproof, some users have found that it does not hold up well during sweaty workouts, suggesting that it may not be as waterproof as advertised.
  • The pencil contains a limited amount of product, which may result in it running out quickly, requiring frequent repurchasing.

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In conclusion, the Revlon Eyebrow Pencil exceeded my expectations. It is a cost-effective alternative to more expensive eyebrow pencils, delivering impressive results. The ease of application, long-lasting formula, and natural-looking finish make it a standout product. While some users have reported issues with the pencil breaking off easily, I did not encounter this problem. Overall, I highly recommend the Revlon Eyebrow Pencil for anyone in search of a reliable, affordable option to enhance their brows.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Does the Revlon Colorstay eyebrow pencil work as well as more expensive options?

Answer: Yes, according to the reviewer, the Revlon Colorstay eyebrow pencil works just as well as more expensive eyebrow pencils.

Question: Is the color selection suitable for different hair shades?

Answer: Yes, the pencil is available in five beautiful, waterproof shades, including Blonde, Soft Brown, Auburn, Dark Brown, and Soft Black, catering to a range of hair colors.

Question: How long does the product last without budging?

Answer: The eyebrow pencil has a long-wearing, waterproof formula that claims to last up to 24 hours without smudging or budging.

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