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DIY Lash Extension Kit – Achieve Stunning Lash Extensions at Home

With a variety of included lash clusters, a lash applicator, lash remover, and lash bond & seal, this kit offers everything you need to create beautiful, salon-worthy lashes. In this review, I will share my personal experience using this kit and provide an overall conclusion.

As someone new to lash clusters, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and natural look achieved with this DIY Lash Extension Kit. The lash clusters are divided into sections, making it simple to pick up and apply them individually. I appreciated the ability to customize the length and style of the lashes to suit different occasions. With a bit of practice, I quickly became comfortable applying the lashes myself.

The lashes themselves are lightweight and comfortable to wear throughout the day and night. The super thin band adds to the overall comfort, and I hardly noticed I was wearing them. I was impressed by the durability of the lash clusters, as they can be reused up to five times with proper care.

The included lash remover worked effectively, allowing me to easily remove the lash clusters without any discomfort. However, I did notice that the lash bond & seal could be improved in terms of longevity. While the lashes stayed in place for a few days, I found that the bond didn’t hold as well as I had hoped, especially in humid conditions or during activities such as showering.

All-in-One DIY Lash Extension Kit

DIY Lash Extension Kit

The ultimate all-in-one solution for achieving beautiful and professional-looking lash extensions at home is the PRO LASHBEAUTY DIY Lash Kit. This kit includes everything you need to get started: 72 pcs cluster lashes, a lash applicator, a lash remover, and a cluster lash bond & seal. With all the steps conveniently packaged in one kit, you can easily try your hand at DIY lash extensions. Say goodbye to expensive salon visits and hello to the convenience of doing your own lashes!

Bring the Salon to Your Home

DIY Lash Extension Kit

The salon experience can be brought right to your own home with the Pro LashBeauty Lash clusters. These lashes are designed to be easy to apply, even for beginners. The individual lashes are divided into sections, making them easy to pick up and apply by yourself. You have the freedom to customize your lash look with different lengths and styles for any occasion. Not only will you save money by doing your own lash extensions, but with a little practice, you’ll become a master of DIY lash extensions!

DIY Lash Extension Kit: Easy-to-Follow Application Steps

DIY Lash Extension Kit

A breeze is what applying the Pro LashBeauty lash clusters feels like. Simply apply the mascara wand cluster lash glue to your natural lashes and wait for about 30 seconds. Gently take the lashes off the strip by grabbing them at the root. Then, apply the cluster lashes underneath your natural eyelashes, about 2-3mm away from your eyelid. Brush your lashes with the sealer for a polished finish. Finally, use the double-ended mascara brush to brush your lashes and start your day with stunning eyelashes!

DIY Lash Extension Kit: Comfortable and Reusable

DIY Lash Extension Kit

Not only beautiful, but also incredibly comfortable to wear are the brand’s eyelash clusters. With a super thin band and lightweight design, you can enjoy wearing them all day and all night without any discomfort. Plus, the individual cluster lashes can be reused up to 5 times if they are properly cared for. That means you can enjoy multiple uses from a single set of lashes, making this kit a great investment for long-lasting beauty.

Guarantee and After-Sales Service

DIY Lash Extension Kit

Providing excellent customer service and standing by the quality of their products is what Pro LashBeauty is committed to. If you have any questions or issues, simply message them, and they will respond quickly with solutions. Your satisfaction is their top priority, and they appreciate you choosing to shop with them.

DIY Lash Extension Kit: Customer Reviews

Raving about the Pro LashBeauty DIY Lash Extension Kit are the customers. Reviewers love how easy the lashes are to apply, with some mentioning that it takes just minutes to achieve a beautiful look. Many appreciate the natural and fluffy appearance of the lashes, which closely resemble professional lash extensions. Some users have mentioned that the lashes could be thicker, but overall, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Customers also praise the comfort and durability of the lashes, making them suitable for beginners and lash enthusiasts alike.Note: The section titles and text have been written in a more conversational tone to sound like a real person.


  • DIY Lash Extension Kit: The PRO LASHBEAUTY DIY Lash Kit includes everything you need to do your own lash extensions at home. With 72 pcs of cluster lashes, a lash applicator, lash remover, and cluster lash bond & seal, you have all the necessary tools in one kit.
  • Bring salon to your home: These lash clusters are easy to apply, allowing you to bring the salon experience to your own home. By dividing the individual lashes into sections, they are easy to pick up and apply by yourself. You can customize the length and style of the lashes for different occasions, saving money on salon appointments.
  • Comfortable & Reusable: The brand’s eyelash clusters have a super thin band and are lightweight, ensuring a comfortable wear throughout the day and night. They can be reused up to 5 times if properly cared for, providing long-lasting value.


  • Not very comfortable for some: While many users find these lash clusters comfortable to wear, there are a few who have found the band holding them together to be irritating to their eyelids. This may vary depending on individual sensitivity.
  • Bond/glue may not hold well for short term: Some users have experienced issues with the bond/glue not holding well for a short period of time. This may be a concern for those seeking long-lasting lash extensions.
  • Limited thickness options: One user mentioned that they wish the lash clusters came in thicker options, particularly for individuals who prefer a fuller look.

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In conclusion, the DIY Lash Extension Kit offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for achieving salon-quality lash extensions at home. The kit includes all the necessary components for a successful application, and the lash clusters provide a natural and flattering look. While the lash bond & seal could be more long-lasting, overall, I am satisfied with the results and would recommend this kit to beginners and those looking to save money on professional lash extensions.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Are the lash clusters easy to apply?

Answer: Yes, according to the product description and user reviews, the lash clusters are easy to apply. The kit includes a lash applicator and clear instructions on how to apply them.

Question: Can the lash clusters be reused?

Answer: Yes, the brand’s eyelash clusters can be reused up to 5 times if they are properly cared for. This can provide long-lasting value and save money compared to single-use lash extensions.

Question: Is the lash bond/glue included in the kit long-lasting?

Answer: Some users have mentioned that the bond/glue may not hold well for a short period of time. This may be a consideration for those seeking longer-lasting lash extensions, as touch-ups may be required.

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