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Clump Crusher Mascara: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking for a mascara that gives you voluminous, defined, and clump-free lashes, you might want to try Clump Crusher Mascara. This innovative product from CoverGirl promises to deliver 20 times more volume with zero clumps, thanks to its curved brush and fine-tooth comb bristles. But is it really worth the hype? How does it compare to other mascaras on the market? And what are some tips and tricks to get the best results from this mascara? In this blog post, we’ll answer all these questions and more, so you can decide if Clump Crusher Mascara is the right choice for you.

What is Clump Crusher Mascara?

Clump Crusher Mascara is a volumizing mascara from CoverGirl, a popular cosmetics brand that is certified cruelty-free and offers some vegan products. Clump Crusher Mascara is part of the Lash Blast line, which features different types of mascaras for different lash needs. Clump Crusher Mascara claims to give you 20 times more volume with zero clumps, thanks to its innovative curved brush and fine-tooth comb bristles that separate and coat every lash. The formula is also 100% vegan and contains no phthalates, mineral oil, formaldehyde, talc, parabens, or sulfates. Clump Crusher Mascara comes in four shades: very black, black, black brown, and brown. It also has a water-resistant version for long-lasting wear.

Which CoverGirl mascara gives the least clumps?

According to CoverGirl, Clump Crusher Mascara is the best mascara for avoiding clumps, as it is specially designed to prevent clumping and deliver smooth and even application. However, if you’re looking for other options from CoverGirl that also give you clump-free lashes, you might want to check out these products:

  • Lash Blast Clean Volume Mascara: This is a clean and vegan mascara that gives you 10 times the volume with no clumps, flakes, or smudges. It is made with argan and marula oils to nourish and condition your lashes, and it comes in four shades: pitch black, very black, black brown, and brown.
  • Lash Blast Fusion Mascara: This is a 2-in-1 mascara that combines volume and length for a dramatic lash look. It has a fiber-stretch formula that coats every lash from root to tip, and a large brush that separates and defines your lashes. It comes in four shades: very black, black, black brown, and brown. It also has a water-resistant version for long-lasting wear.
  • Lash Blast Lash and Brow Serum: This is a clear serum that helps boost the appearance of your natural lashes and brows. It is infused with bamboo extract, biotin, peptides, and castor oil to nourish and strengthen your lashes and brows, and it has a precision applicator that targets every hair. You can use it alone or under your favorite mascara or brow product.

Is CoverGirl clump crusher oil free?

Yes, CoverGirl clump crusher is oil free, as it does not contain any oils or oil-derived ingredients in its formula. However, it is not necessarily suitable for oily skin, as it may still smudge or transfer if your skin is very oily. If you have oily skin, you might want to opt for a water-resistant or waterproof mascara, such as the water-resistant version of Clump Crusher Mascara, or the Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara.

Is CoverGirl clump crusher vegan?

Yes, CoverGirl clump crusher is vegan, as it does not contain any animal-derived ingredients or by-products in its formula. CoverGirl is also certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny Program and Cruelty Free International, which means that none of its products or ingredients are tested on animals. However, not all CoverGirl products are vegan, so make sure to check the label or the website for the vegan logo before buying.

How do you prevent clumps when applying mascara?

Clumps can ruin your mascara look and make your lashes look messy and unflattering. To prevent clumps when applying mascara, follow these tips and tricks:

  • Start with clean and dry lashes. Make sure to remove any traces of old mascara or eye makeup with a gentle makeup remover before applying a new coat. This will prevent any buildup or flaking that can cause clumps.
  • Curl your lashes. Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes before applying mascara, as this will help lift and separate your lashes and make them look longer and fuller. Curl your lashes from the base to the tip, holding for a few seconds at each section.
  • Wipe off excess product. Before applying mascara, wipe off any excess product from the wand on a tissue or the edge of the tube. This will prevent overloading your lashes with too much mascara and creating clumps.
  • Apply mascara in a zigzag motion. Hold the mascara wand horizontally and wiggle it from side to side as you move it from the base to the tip of your lashes. This will help coat every lash evenly and avoid clumping. You can also turn the wand vertically and use the tip to reach the inner and outer corners of your eyes and the lower lashes.
  • Use a lash comb. If you still notice any clumps after applying mascara, use a lash comb or a clean spoolie to brush through your lashes and separate them. Do this while the mascara is still wet, as it will be harder to remove clumps once the mascara dries.
  • Apply a second coat. If you want more volume and intensity, you can apply a second coat of mascara, but make sure to do it before the first coat dries completely. Otherwise, you might end up with clumps and flakes. Also, avoid applying more than two coats, as this can make your lashes look heavy and unnatural.


Clump Crusher Mascara is a great product for anyone who wants voluminous, defined, and clump-free lashes. It has a vegan and cruelty-free formula, a curved brush and fine-tooth comb bristles, and a variety of shades and finishes to choose from. However, it is not the only option from CoverGirl, as the brand offers many other mascaras for different lash needs and preferences. To get the best results from any mascara, make sure to apply it correctly, use a lash primer and a lash comb, and replace your mascara every three months. We hope this blog post has been helpful and informative for you, and that you’ll enjoy using Clump Crusher Mascara or any other CoverGirl mascara that suits your style. Thank you for reading!

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