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Clear Eyebrow Gel: Achieve Perfectly Styled Brows with NYX Brow Glue

Clear Eyebrow Gel, the NYX Brow Glue, is a non-sticky and transparent brow gel that claims to provide extreme hold for up to 16 hours. With its affordable price and promises of limitless brow styling, I was intrigued to try it out for myself.

After using the NYX Brow Glue for a few days, I can confidently say that it lives up to its claims. The gel holds my brow hairs in place throughout the day, giving me a well-defined and polished look. I appreciate that it doesn’t leave any flaking or crunchiness, unlike some other brow gels I’ve tried in the past.

Compared to a similar product I used previously, the NYX Brow Glue has been much more reliable. The previous product would become unusable in colder temperatures, resulting in flaking and an untidy appearance. However, I haven’t experienced any such issues with the NYX Brow Glue.

Extreme Hold for Limitless Brow Looks

Clear Eyebrow Gel

With its extreme hold capabilities, the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP The Brow Glue offers an instant brow styling solution. This non-sticky, transparent brow glue provides a strong hold for up to 16 hours, allowing you to style and shape your brows in any way you desire. Whether you prefer a natural or bold look, this brow glue will hold your brow hairs in place, giving you limitless possibilities for your brow looks. Say goodbye to unruly brows and hello to perfectly styled and defined eyebrows.

Clear Eyebrow Gel : Transparent and Flake-Resistant Formula

Clear Eyebrow Gel

Its transparent and flake-resistant formula is one of the standout features of the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP The Brow Glue. Unlike other brow gels on the market, this brow glue dries down non-sticky with a natural finish. You won’t have to worry about any visible residue or flakes throughout the day. The transparent formula also makes it suitable for all brow hair colors, ensuring a seamless and natural look. With this brow glue, you can confidently flaunt your brows without any worries of smudging or flaking.

Clear Eyebrow Gel : A Complete Brow Styling Solution

Clear Eyebrow Gel

A valuable addition to their collection, NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP offers a wide range of brow products, including The Brow Glue. Whether you need to line, fill, shape, or set your brows, they have you covered. From brow gels to precision brow pencils, pomades to powders, stylers to setters, and even tinted mascaras, NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP has everything you need to create beautiful eyebrows. With their cruelty-free cosmetics, you can feel good about using their products, as they are certified and acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty-free brand.

Clear Eyebrow Gel : Real Customers’ Reviews

Clear Eyebrow Gel

The NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP The Brow Glue has received customer satisfaction. One reviewer mentioned how this brow glue transformed their brow routine, replacing expensive lamination treatments. They were impressed with the extreme hold and the natural finish it provided. Another customer highlighted how the brow glue allowed them to push their brow hairs upward, resulting in a natural appearance that lasted all day. Some customers compared this brow glue to other products in terms of hold and found it to be a great alternative, offering flexibility in brow styling. Overall, the positive reviews reflect the effectiveness of the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP The Brow Glue in achieving long-lasting and stylish brows.

A Mixed Bag in Eyebrow Management

Clear Eyebrow Gel

While receiving positive feedback, some customers have pointed out areas for improvement with the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP The Brow Glue. One reviewer mentioned that the application process could be messy, with the product clumping and requiring extra effort to spread evenly. Another customer found the removal process to be more challenging than expected, potentially leading to skin irritation. Additionally, there were some reports of flaking towards the end of the day, slightly diminishing the overall performance. Despite these drawbacks, the brow glue still received a 3-star rating, indicating its strengths in hold and tint.

Clear Eyebrow Gel : Affordable and Effective Brow Styling

Offering a great balance of affordability and effectiveness, the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP The Brow Glue stands out. With its affordable price point, it provides a cost-effective solution for achieving long-lasting and well-groomed brows. Customers have praised its ability to keep brows in place all day without getting flaky or stiff. Whether you’re looking to achieve a laminated look or simply want to keep your brows in place, this clear brow gel is a reliable choice. It’s easy to apply, dries quickly, and provides a natural-looking hold.


  • The NYX Professional Makeup Brow Glue provides instant and extreme hold for up to 16 hours, allowing you to style and shape your brows with ease.
  • The brow glue is transparent and flake-resistant, ensuring a natural finish without any sticky residue.
  • NYX Professional Makeup is a cruelty-free brand, certified by PETA, so you can feel good about using their products.


  • Some users found the application process to be messy, with the product clumping and requiring extra effort to spread evenly.
  • Removing the brow glue at the end of the day can be challenging and may lead to potential skin irritation.
  • Towards the end of the day, some users experienced flaking, which slightly diminished the overall performance of the product.

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Overall, I am highly impressed with the NYX Brow Glue. It not only provides long-lasting hold for my unruly brows but also comes at an affordable price. The transparency and non-sticky formula make it easy to apply and style my brows to my desired shape. If you’re in the market for a reliable and budget-friendly brow gel, I would definitely recommend giving the NYX Brow Glue a try.

Questions & Answers:

Question: How long does the NYX Brow Glue hold?

Answer: The NYX Brow Glue provides up to 16 hours of extreme hold, keeping your brows in place all day.

Question: Is the brow glue transparent or colored?

Answer: The NYX Brow Glue is transparent, allowing for a natural finish without adding any color to your brows.

Question: Is NYX a cruelty-free brand?

Answer: Yes, NYX Professional Makeup is a cruelty-free brand, certified and acknowledged by PETA. They do not test any of their products on animals.

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