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Best Lashify Lashes: The Ultimate Guide 


Lashify lashes are a popular choice for those seeking a customizable, DIY lash extension system. They offer a variety of lash styles and lengths that can be tailored to complement your unique eye shape and personal style. This guide will help you navigate the world of Lashify lashes and choose the best ones for you.

Understanding Your Eye Shape

Before choosing your lashes, it’s important to understand your eye shape. This is because the model or educator’s eye shape has an invisible influence on their final lash look, and naturally, yours will too.

How Many Eye Shapes Are There?

Most eye-shape infographics keep things pretty simple and group things together when describing an eye shape. You may find that your eye shape fits into more than one. Why? Because there are different degrees of eye shape or a combination of factors involved.

Determining Your Eye Shape

To determine your eye shape, consider factors such as the size (small, medium, large), lid type (hooded, monolid, deep-set, etc), and positioning (upturned, downturned, wide set, etc.) of your eyes.

Choosing the Best Lashes for Your Eye Shape

Once you’ve determined your eye shape, you can choose the most flattering Lashify lashes for you. The Lashify DIY lash extension system offers various lash styles and lengths that are fully customizable.


Q: What are the best lashes for beginners?

A: For beginners, it’s recommended to start with lashes that are easy to apply and remove. Lashify offers a variety of options suitable for beginners.

Q: How can I support healthy lashes?

A: Just like your hair products include ingredients that nourish your hair, the products you use on your eyelashes should support the growth of your natural lashes. Two ingredients we love are biotin and lavandula. These ingredients help nourish the roots of your natural lashes and support lash growth.

Q: What damages natural lashes?

A: Your natural lashes can be damaged by some of the very products designed to make them look longer and fuller. Mascara is one of the number one offenders. Most mascaras contain drying, harsh ingredients like alcohol or even formaldehyde.


Choosing the best Lashify lashes involves understanding your eye shape and selecting lashes that complement it. With a variety of styles and lengths available, you can create a look that is uniquely youRemember to take care of your natural lashes by using products that support their growth and avoid those that can cause damage

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