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Artis Makeup Brush Cleaner: A Comprehensive Guide


Artis makeup brushes are renowned for their efficiency and effectiveness. They have 3 to 10 times as many individual fibers as a traditional brush. This maximizes the application, but it also means that Artis brushes should be cleaned differently than a traditional makeup brush.

Why is Cleaning Important?

The makeup product you are using is mostly adhered to the tapered tips of the fiber bundle of an Artis brush, and rarely gets down onto the fiber shaft or base. Having the product only on the tips makes the brush more efficient and effective. So, the cleaning of an Artis brush really is a cleaning of mostly the tips.

How to Clean Artis Brushes?

There are two main ways to clean your Artis brush:


If you are using mostly powder products, like an eye shadow or powder foundation, you can clear the Artis Brush by moving the brush tips across the microfiber cloth a few times. This will eliminate the powder particles from the fiber tips and you can then use the brush to apply other colors.


If you are using non-powder formulas, [which may adhere to the fibers more readily], you can cleanse the fibers using a makeup brush cleanser. The recommended method of cleansing an Artis brush is to place a small dollop of the sanitizer/cleanser foam onto a microfiber cloth and dip the fibers into the foam, then move the Artis brush fiber tips across the surface of the antimicrobial-treated microfiber cloth. This will clean away the product debris and will sufficiently cleanse and sanitize the Artis brush tips without overly saturating the rest of the fiber bundle.


Q: Can I use a conventional brush cleaner? A: Yes, a conventional brush cleaner, [which are mostly made with water with a little alcohol and detergent], can work with an Artis® brush if you don’t “drown” the entire fiber bundle with the cleaner.

Q: What happens if I use too much water to clean the brush? A: Artis fibers don’t absorb water like a conventional animal hairbrush, but because there are so many fibers, the water can be held between fibers due to capillary action. With so many fibers in the bundles, they can hold on to a good deal of water between the fibers. And if that happens, it can take a while for the brushes to dry1.

Q: How much product should I pick up with my Artis brush? A: Start by picking up a small amount of product. A little goes a long way with Artis brushes, because they are very efficient in evenly distributing product on your skin.


Artis brushes are a game-changer in the world of makeup application. However, to maintain their efficiency and longevity, proper cleaning is essential. Whether you’re using powder or non-powder formulas, Artis provides clear guidelines on how to best clean your brushes to ensure they remain in top condition.

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