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Anastasia Mascara: A Comprehensive Review


Anastasia Beverly Hills, a brand known for its genius eye makeup offerings, has launched its first mascara, the Lash Brag Volumizing Mascara. This mascara is designed to allow you to achieve maximum lash volume and fullness.

What is Anastasia Lash Brag?

Anastasia Lash Brag is a volumizing mascara that instantly creates the look of dramatic, full-bodied lashes. It delivers intense, jet-black color and uses a specially designed hourglass-shaped mascara wand that separately coats each lash.

Features of Anastasia Lash Brag

  • Full-pigment formula that glides on without weighing down lashes
  • Features flexible polymers in an ultra-creamy formula
  • Designed to prevent clumping and create a long-lasting effect
  • Conditioning agents help smooth and soften lashes
  • Easy to layer and build
  • Water-resistant

How to Use Anastasia Lash Brag

Anastasia tells us that Lash Brag is a mascara that you can use to brag at a range of volumes:

  • Brag a Little: Just a single coat delivers the perfect amount of product, leaving you with voluptuously defined lashes that last all day.
  • Brag a Lot: Apply 2 coats for extra length and thickness.
  • Total Bragging Rights: Apply 3 coats for full-on extreme volume.

Review of Anastasia Lash Brag

The Anastasia Lash Brag mascara ticks all the boxes. It is easy to apply and nicely coats and separates lashes with minimal effort. It gives the lashes a lovely curl, even without a lash curler, and that curl holds up really well, even with three coats. The lashes stay feeling soft and flexible, and not at all crispy, even when really layered up, so it has a really comfortable feel on the eyes. It wore really well over about four hours and there was no flaking, smudging, and it stayed looking super black.


Anastasia Lash Brag mascara is a promising product that delivers on its claims. It provides volume, length, and intensity, making it a great choice for those seeking dramatic lashes.


Q: Is Anastasia Lash Brag water-resistant?
A: Yes, Anastasia Lash Brag is water-resistant.

Q: How many coats of Anastasia Lash Brag should I apply for full volume?
A: For full-on extreme volume, apply 3 coats of Anastasia Lash Brag.

Q: Does Anastasia Lash Brag clump?
A: No, Anastasia Lash Brag is designed to prevent clumping.

Q: What color is Anastasia Lash Brag?
A: Anastasia Lash Brag delivers intense, jet-black color.

Q: Is Anastasia Lash Brag easy to apply?
A: Yes, Anastasia Lash Brag is easy to apply and nicely coats and separates lashes with minimal effort

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