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Lashify Ginger Lashes. What Are They and Who Should Wear Them?

Lashify Ginger lashes

Lashify is a revolutionary brand that offers a unique and customizable approach to eyelash extensions. Among their diverse range of products, the Lashify Ginger Lashes stand out as a popular choice, especially for natural redheads. I just love how Lashify described the ginger lashes on their website:

“There’s no getting caught red-handed in these. As naked as nature intended. Our Intimates Collection is here for you to show your true colors. Lay bare your inner beauty with these natural hues designed to match your natural lash, so no one can ever tell the difference. Each Pro Pack features four Gossamer® Lash cartridges of the length chosen.”


What are Lashify Ginger Lashes?

Lashify Ginger Lashes are a type of eyelash extension that is specifically designed for redheads. They are part of Lashify’s Intimates Collection, which offers a range of colored lash extensions. Ginger lashes are crafted with precision to blend seamlessly with natural red hair, making them a great choice for those who want to enhance their natural beauty.

Lashify Ginger Lashes. What Are They and Who Should Wear Them? 1

It’s great to see that Lashify is catering to the needs of people with different hair colors and skin tones. Inclusivity is an important aspect of the beauty world, and it’s wonderful to see brands like Lashify taking steps to make their products more accessible to everyone.

Who Should Wear Ginger Lashes?

Anyone can wear Ginger lashes! As mentioned above, they are particularly suitable for natural redheads, but they can also add a unique touch to anyone’s look.

How to Customize Your Ginger Lashes

Lashify’s “Stacking” technique is a great way to customize your Ginger Lashes and create a unique look. This technique allows you to layer lashes on top of each other to create more volume or more wisp and maximum longevity. You can start your week off with a soft, natural, at-the-office lash map on Monday, and then on Saturday night, when you’re ready for drinks with your besties, you can stack it right on top of your current lash map.

Video: How to Apply Lashify Lashes

If you’re new to Lashify, you might find this beginner’s tutorial on how to apply Lashify helpful.

Summary of Video

In case you prefer reading and have not had the chance to watch the video, here`s the summary:

  1. Introduce the contents of the Lashify Control Kit, which includes the Fuse Control Wand, the Whisper Light Dual-sided Bond, the Glass Sealer, the Gossamer Lashes, and the Mirror.
  2. Prep the natural lashes by making sure they are clean, dry, and free of mascara or makeup. Optionally, curl the lashes if they are very straight.
  3. Apply the first layer of black bond using the micro mascara wand, brushing it lightly through the entire lash like mascara. Wait for 30 to 60 seconds or until it feels tacky.
  4. Apply the second layer of black bond using the same wand, but focusing it only at the base of the lash. Wait for another 30 seconds or until it feels tacky.
  5. Apply the third and final layer of clear bond using the precision tip applicator, creating a guideline one to two millimeters away from the waterline. Wait for another 30 seconds or until it turns clear and feels tacky.
  6. Remove the Gossamer lashes from the cartridge using the fingers, and hold them with the Fuse Control Wand. The curl of the lash should face the user.
  7. Place the spine of the Gossamer lash onto the clear bond guideline, starting from the outer corner and working inwards. Adjust the placement as needed, making sure the lash is not too close to the waterline or the inner corner.
  8. Fuse the Gossamer lash to the natural lash using the Fuse Control Wand, pressing the curve of the wand onto the cheekbone and the top arm onto the lash. Do a full fuse across the eye, and then a reverse fuse using the tips of the wand to lift and curl the lashes.
  9. Repeat the same steps for the other eye, using the same or different lengths of Gossamer lashes depending on the desired lash map.
  10. Seal the lashes with Glass using the ball end of the applicator to run along the spines and the spoolie end to brush through.

FAQs about Lashify Ginger Lashes

Can I wear Ginger lashes if I’m not a redhead? 

Absolutely! While Ginger lashes are designed to blend with red hair, they can add a unique touch to anyone’s look.

How can I add more volume to my Ginger lashes?

You can use Lashify’s “Stacking” technique to layer lashes on top of each other for added volume.

Can I wear Ginger lashes for a natural look?

Yes, Ginger lashes can be worn for a natural look. They blend well with red hair, but can also be worn by anyone for a unique touch.


Whether you’re a natural redhead or just someone looking for a fresh way to style your lash look, Lashify’s Ginger lashes offer a unique and customizable solution. With the ability to stack for added volume, these lashes can take you from a day at the office to a night out with friends.

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