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All About Lashify Brown Lashes


Lashify is a brand known for its innovative and life-changing DIY lash extensions. Among their offerings, the Dark Brown Lashes have gained popularity for their natural look and versatility.

Why Choose Brown Lashes?

While black lashes are a common choice, many prefer a more subtle option. For instance, if you are fair-skinned with blond or red hair and naturally light lashes, Chocolate lashes will provide a natural-looking enhancement. Even for those with a darker complexion and hair color, Chocolate Gossamer® lashes offer a more subtle look that enhances the color in brown eyes.

Different Styles of Brown Lashes

Lashify offers a variety of styles in their brown lash collection:

  1. Fluffy Chocolate Gossamer® Lash: This style brings multidimensional fullness with a rich color haze.
  2. Fluffy FX Chocolate Gossamer® Lash: This style combines the fullness of the Fluffy Gossamer® with the curl power of the Extra Extreme Gossamer® lash.
  3. Starburst Chocolate Gossamer® Lash: This style offers a multi-length, multi-layered, spikey look.
  4. Stardust Chocolate Gossamer® Lash: This style provides layers of celestial wispiness with the thin .07 mm fibers of the classic ‘C’ style lashes.
  5. Prismatic Dark Brown Gossamer® Lashes: These lashes come in both ‘A’ and ‘C’ lash styles for the ultimate natural look.


Q: Can I wear brown lashes if I have a darker complexion and hair color? A: Yes, Chocolate Gossamer® lashes are a great option for a more subtle look, even for those with a darker complexion and hair color.

Q: Can I switch between different lash colors? A: Yes, the beauty of Lashify is that these options are quickly interchangeable. You can choose to go from one look to another in a matter of minutes.

Q: Which Chocolate Gossamer® lash should I choose? A: You can pick your favorite from the options mentioned above, or better yet, mix them!


Now you are ready to expand your Lashify wardrobe with the beautiful decadent color that is Chocolate brown! Whether you’re going for a bold or subtle look, Lashify’s brown lashes offer a variety of styles to suit your needs.

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