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All About Eyeshadow Primer: Your Ultimate Guide


Eyeshadow primer is a game-changer in the world of makeup. It’s a product that can take your eyeshadow game to the next level, ensuring your eye makeup stays vibrant and crease-free all day long.

What is Eyeshadow Primer?

Eyeshadow primer is a product designed to create an ideal canvas for your eyeshadow. It evens out the skin tone of your eyelids and fights oils, allowing your eyeshadow to stay in place from morning to night.

Why Use Eyeshadow Primer?

The natural creasing and oils on your eyelids can cause any eye makeup to fade. Using an eyeshadow primer helps it last longer and, in most cases, gives more vibrancy. That means that swiping on an eye primer before eyeshadow will help boost color payoff to make bright shadows look brighter, and make any shade look more pigmented.


Q: Do I need to use eyeshadow primer?

A: Eyeshadow primer is the best way for you to ensure that all-day stay you’ve been looking for. Not only does it make it easier to apply your shadow, but it also enhances color and helps it stay in place, no matter what life throws your way!

Q: Do you use eyeshadow primer before or after foundation?

A: The eyeshadow primer works to prep your eyes before you apply your color, no foundation needed!

Q: Should you set an eyeshadow primer?

A: With the right eyeshadow primer, there’s no need to set your eyeshadow primer before you jump into your busy day!

Q: Is an eyeshadow primer the same as an eyeshadow base?

A: While they have similar roles, there are also some key differences between the two, the most notable being that an eyeshadow base might not prevent creasing and oiliness.

Top Eyeshadow Primers

  1. TOO FACED Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer: This shadow primer by cult-favorite brand TOO FACED does it all, including neutralizing lid discoloration, providing waterproof protection, and intensifying the pigment of any shadow color.
  2. SMASHBOX COSMETICS Photo Finish Lid Primer: This eyeshadow primer is designed to last all day without caking, creasing, or fading.
  3. ELIZABETH MOTT Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Primer: This formula dries down quickly and transparently to a pearl powder finish that combats oiliness, evens your skin tone, and brightens your eyeshadow.


Eyeshadow primer is a must-have in your makeup routine. It enhances the color of your eyeshadow, prevents creasing, and ensures your eye makeup stays put all day. So, next time you do your makeup, don’t forget to prime your lids first!

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