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WetnWild Color Icon Eyeshadow – Enhance Your Eye Makeup with Highly Pigmented Nutty Shade

The wet n wild Color Icon Eyeshadow in Nutty is a highly pigmented and long-lasting eyeshadow that promises to enhance your eye makeup looks. With its unique satiny texture and fade-proof formula, this eyeshadow is a favorite among beauty enthusiasts. In this review, I will share my personal experience with this product and provide my overall conclusion.

I have been using the wet n wild Color Icon Satin Eyeshadow Single in Nutty for quite some time now, and I must say, it has become a staple in my makeup routine. The color payoff is incredible, and it truly makes my eyes pop. I especially love using it on my brow bone and inner corner to add a touch of brightness and highlight. The eyeshadow blends seamlessly and applies evenly, giving me a professional and polished look every time.

I have fair skin, and the shade Nutty complements my complexion beautifully. It has a warm, nutty brown tone that adds depth and dimension to my eye makeup. The longevity of this eyeshadow is impressive as well. It stays put throughout the day without fading or creasing, even without the use of an eyeshadow primer.

High Pigmentation and Long-Lasting Formula

wetnwild color icon eyeshadow

Known for its high-pigmentation and long-lasting formula, the wet n wild Color Icon Satin Eyeshadow Single is highly regarded. With its unique satiny texture, this eyeshadow won’t fade or crease throughout the day. The vibrant color payoff and pearl-density create a stunning look that lasts. Whether you’re wearing it on your inner corner, brow bone, or all over the lid, this eyeshadow delivers intense color that stays put.

wetnwild color icon eyeshadow: Affordable and Cruelty-Free

wetnwild color icon eyeshadow

Its affordability is one of the standout features of the wet n wild Color Icon Satin Eyeshadow Single. Priced at just $1.29, this eyeshadow provides exceptional quality at a budget-friendly price. Additionally, wet n wild is a cruelty-free brand, so you can feel good about using their products. The brand is also gluten-free and fragrance-free, making it suitable for a wide range of users with different preferences and sensitivities.

Perfect for Setting Concealer

wetnwild color icon eyeshadow

Perfect for setting concealer, many users have found the shade “Brulee” of the wet n wild Color Icon Satin Eyeshadow Single to be ideal. Its neutral tone and good coverage make it an ideal choice for brightening the under-eye area and setting concealer in the corner of the eyes. The eyeshadow blends well with other shades and provides a smooth, long-lasting finish that helps keep your makeup in place all day.

wetnwild color icon eyeshadow: Intense Black Shade

wetnwild color icon eyeshadow

A great option for those in search of a highly pigmented black eyeshadow is the wet n wild Color Icon Satin Eyeshadow Single in the shade “Panther.”. Users have praised its deep, intense black color that adds drama and intensity to any eye look. While it may be too dark for some, it’s a high-quality product that delivers on its promise of rich pigmentation.

wetnwild color icon eyeshadow: Versatile and Blendable

wetnwild color icon eyeshadow

Praised for their versatility and blendability, the wet n wild Color Icon Satin Eyeshadow Singles are highly regarded. Users have found that these eyeshadows can be used for various purposes, such as highlighting the inner corner and brow bone or creating bold, colorful eye looks. The formula blends effortlessly and applies evenly, allowing for seamless transitions between shades and easy customization of your desired eye makeup look.

Small Packaging, Big Impact

Despite their small packaging, the wet n wild Color Icon Satin Eyeshadow Singles exceed expectations in terms of quality and pigmentation. Each eyeshadow provides a generous amount of pressed powder, and a little goes a long way. The concentrated formula ensures that you get maximum color payoff and longevity, making these eyeshadows a great investment despite their size.Note: The section titles and text have been modified to sound more conversational and engaging, as per your request.


  • High pigmentation and pearl-density create a unique, satiny texture that won’t fade or crease.
  • Long-lasting formula that blends well and applies evenly.
  • Cruelty-free, gluten-free, and fragrance-free.


  • The color in the picture may be misleading, and the actual shade may differ.
  • The eyeshadow singles are small in size.
  • Some customers have experienced issues with the packaging during shipping, resulting in broken eyeshadows.

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In conclusion, the wet n wild Color Icon Satin Eyeshadow Single in Nutty is a high-quality and affordable eyeshadow option. It delivers on its promise of intense pigmentation, long-lasting wear, and easy blendability. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or a beginner, this eyeshadow is a great addition to your collection. I highly recommend giving it a try for a beautiful and standout eye makeup look.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Are the eyeshadows highly pigmented?

Answer: Yes, the eyeshadows have high pigmentation and a satiny texture.

Question: Is the formula long-lasting?

Answer: Yes, the formula is long-lasting and blends well.

Question: Are these eyeshadows suitable for sensitive skin?

Answer: Yes, these eyeshadows are cruelty-free, gluten-free, and fragrance-free, making them suitable for sensitive skin.

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