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Volume & Lifting Mascara: Achieve Bold and Lifted Lashes with e.l.f.

Volume & Lifting Mascara is the e.l.f. Big Mood Mascara is a volumizing and lifting mascara that promises to deliver bold and lifted lashes. Infused with jojoba wax, this mascara claims to provide long-lasting curl and is formulated with skin-loving ingredients. With a rating of 4.0 out of 5 and over 2,110 reviews, I was excited to try out this mascara and see if it lived up to its claims.

I have always been on the lookout for a mascara that can give my lashes a dramatic lift and volume. When I first applied the e.l.f. Big Mood Mascara, I was impressed with its hourglass-shaped brush and intertwined bristles. It allowed me to distribute just the right amount of product and separate my lashes for a bold and defined look.

Even without curling my lashes beforehand, the mascara instantly lifted and volumized them. The formula was rich and smudge-proof, ensuring that my lashes stayed intact throughout the day without any flaking. I also appreciated the fact that it was infused with jojoba wax, as it held the curl of my lashes for an extended period.

Moreover, I was delighted to learn that all e.l.f. products are made from skin-loving ingredients and are cruelty-free and vegan. This aligned with my values of using products that are both effective and ethically produced.

Bold & Lifted Lashes

Volume & Lifting Mascara

The e is a product that stands out.l.f. Big Mood Mascara is designed to create bold and lifted lashes. With its volumizing formula, this mascara takes your lashes to the next level, providing chart-topping lift and volume. The hourglass-shaped brush with intertwined bristles ensures that the right amount of mascara is distributed, building volume and separating lashes for an extra bold look. Even without curling your lashes, this mascara delivers impressive results, making your lashes appear beautifully lifted.

Volume & Lifting Mascara: Smudge-Proof Formula

Volume & Lifting Mascara

A standout feature of the e is..l.f. Big Mood Mascara is its rich and smudge-proof formula. Once applied, this mascara won’t flake or smudge, ensuring that your lashes stay defined and voluminous throughout the day. Whether you’re going for a natural everyday look or a more dramatic evening look, you can trust that this mascara will stay put and keep your lashes looking flawless.

Volume & Lifting Mascara: Long-Lasting Curl

Volume & Lifting Mascara

The e is infused with Jojoba Wax.l.f. Big Mood Mascara not only adds volume and lift to your lashes but also holds the curl for a long-lasting effect. Say goodbye to droopy lashes as this mascara keeps your eyelashes beautifully curled and voluminous, enhancing the overall look of your eyes. Whether you’re attending a special event or just going about your day, this mascara ensures that your lashes stay curled and defined.

Volume & Lifting Mascara: Skin-Loving Ingredients

Volume & Lifting Mascara

As with all e products..l.f. products, the Big Mood Mascara is made from skin-loving ingredients that you can feel good about. It’s formulated without any harmful toxins and is 100% cruelty-free and vegan. So not only will your lashes look amazing, but you can also have peace of mind knowing that you’re using a product that is kind to your skin and the environment.

Volume & Lifting Mascara: User Reviews

Volume & Lifting Mascara

Those who have tried the e are customers.l.f. Big Mood Mascara have shared their positive experiences. Many love how easy it is to apply and how it holds up throughout the day. Some users mentioned that while the mascara may smudge slightly over time, it’s not enough to deter them from using it. Others appreciate the natural coverage it provides, without clumping or looking heavy. Overall, the reviews reflect a positive sentiment towards this mascara, making it a reliable choice for achieving bold and lifted lashes.

Versatile and Easy to Remove

The e is highly recommended.l.f. Big Mood Mascara is versatile and suitable for various occasions. Whether you want a natural look for everyday wear or a more dramatic look for a night out, this mascara delivers. Additionally, it’s not too difficult to remove at the end of the day, making your nighttime routine hassle-free. Enjoy the convenience of a mascara that gives you the desired look while also being easy to remove when you’re ready to take it off.


  • Creates bold and lifted lashes with volume and lift.
  • Separates lashes without clumping, thanks to the hourglass-shaped brush.
  • The rich, smudge-proof formula ensures long-lasting curled and voluminous lashes.


  • Some users experienced smudging and black specks under the eyes over time.
  • The brush shape may be difficult to use for some individuals.
  • The mascara may clump slightly, but it can be easily solved with a lash separator.

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In conclusion, the e.l.f. Big Mood Mascara exceeded my expectations. It delivered on its promise to create bold and lifted lashes without clumping. The long-lasting curl and smudge-proof formula were impressive, ensuring that my lashes looked voluminous throughout the day. Additionally, the fact that it is made with skin-loving ingredients and is cruelty-free and vegan added to its appeal. I highly recommend the e.l.f. Big Mood Mascara to anyone looking to achieve dramatic, bold lashes.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the e.l.f. Big Mood Mascara easy to apply?

Answer: Yes, users find it easy to apply and appreciate the wand design.

Question: Does the mascara hold up well throughout the day?

Answer: Yes, the mascara stays put and lasts all day, even in warm weather or during physical activity.

Question: Does the mascara clump or give a heavy look?

Answer: The mascara provides a natural coverage without clumping or looking heavy, giving a subtle and soft effect on the lashes.

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