Top 5 Reasons To Get Microblading

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  1. Microblading is safe

Is Microblading safe? That is the by far the biggest concern. We have all seen the various Instagram posts of microblading going horribly wrong. No one wants to walk away with two sets of eyebrows. 

Always check that your artist is licensed, trained, certified and insured. Don’t be afraid to ask to see pictures of their work. It is helpful to have a consultation with the Microblading artist prior to your appointment. To ensure the locations are safe, clean and that you are comfortable. 

  1. Thin brows are not very becoming. 

Let’s be honest the brow looks of 90’s and early 2000’s left us with thin brows only fit for a Disney villain. Thin brows are harder to fill in and can be challenging to grow back. Microblading is the answer to these problem brows. You can have fuller brows without damaging or removing any of the existing brow hairs that you currently have. 

Already have a great shape but it has gaps? Medications and chronic conditions can seriously impact our brows. Sometimes leaving them with areas that grow noticeably thinner, like the ends or other areas that are sparse or won’t grow. 

Microblading can create a fully blended brow that is natural and seamless

  1.  You will have the brows of your dreams.

You can finally achieve your desired shape.  You can finally rock the ombre effect Instagram eyebrows you love so much.  Maybe, you are the victim of the one summer you let your best friend pluck your brows and, you just want your pre-teen brows back. Microblading can create the desired thickness, arch and brow shape of your dreams. 

 Creating the perfect brow shape comes with all the pressures of a Picasso Masterpiece. It often takes time, too much time that we rarely have in our already tight morning routine.  This up to two-hour services could shave 15 mins or more off your daily routine and can last up to two years. When you have eyebrows ready to start the day you can proudly sing out Beyonce’s anthem: “ I woke up like this”. 


The best thing about Microblading is the long-lasting results with touch-ups only needed occasionally as outlined in your care plan with your Microblading Artist 

That means water proof brows for the hot summers, pool parties and beach vacays. You won’t have to worry about accidentally wiping your brow away and you will have your no makeup look will be amazingly set off by a pair of perfect unmovable brows. 

  1. Minimal Recovery Time

So all that’s great. But, what’s my downtime? Will I have to hide in my house for a week? The answer is none. You won’t have to hide under the covers for a week while your brows heal. In fact, after your appointment, you are ready to hit the world with your new brows. Whether it’s to work or an evening out  you are free to live your life and show your new brows to the world.

You will experience some tenderness and at times minor redness in the days following. Healing is a process and it will take about 30 days. Ensure that you follow your after-care instructions to the letter and if you have any questions or concerns during the healing process feel free to reach out to your Microblading Artist. 

Microblading is a great alternative to the countless and ever-changing brow defining products in the market. Brows are the key to a well-groomed look. Microblading takes away all the struggles. Let’s discuss the benefits for you. Schedule your consultation with  The Brow Snob Team.


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