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L’Oreal Telescopic vs Maybelline Sky High: A Comparison


In the world of drugstore mascaras, two products have been making waves: L’Oreal’s Telescopic and Maybelline’s Sky High. Both mascaras promise to deliver dramatic length and volume, but how do they stack up against each other? Let’s dive in!

Overview of L’Oreal Telescopic

L’Oreal Telescopic is known for its lengthening and lifting effects. It’s more of a lifting and lengthening mascara than a thick volumizing one. The mascara is easy to wash off, requiring only a simple rinse with a cleanser.

Overview of Maybelline Sky High

Maybelline Sky High, on the other hand, is praised for its natural volume and even application. It has a rubberized applicator that coats the lashes evenly, adding volume in a natural way. However, it requires a bit more effort to remove compared to the L’Oreal Telescopic.

Comparison of Mascara Wands

The wand is a crucial part of any mascara. L’Oreal Telescopic features a slim, flexible wand that allows for precise application. Maybelline Sky High, however, comes with a rubberized applicator that ensures an even coat.

Performance and Wear Test

Both mascaras were put to an 8-hour wear test to see how they last throughout the day. The L’Oreal Telescopic was found to last all day without smudging or flaking. The Maybelline Sky High also held up well during the wear test.

Removal Process

At the end of the day, the ease of removal is another important factor. The L’Oreal Telescopic washes off super easily, while the Maybelline Sky High requires a bit more effort to remove.

Final Thoughts

Both mascaras have their strengths. If you’re looking for a mascara that offers length and lift, the L’Oreal Telescopic is a great choice. If you prefer a mascara that provides natural volume, the Maybelline Sky High would be a better fit.


Q: Which mascara is easier to remove? A: The L’Oreal Telescopic is easier to remove.

Q: Which mascara provides more volume? A: The Maybelline Sky High provides more natural volume.

Q: Which mascara lasts longer throughout the day? A: Both mascaras were found to last well throughout the day.

Q: Which mascara is better for lengthening? A: The L’Oreal Telescopic is known for its lengthening effects.

In conclusion, the choice between L’Oreal Telescopic and Maybelline Sky High depends on your personal preferences and needs. Both are excellent drugstore mascaras that deliver on their promises.

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